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What is Jetpak?
What cartridges are eligible for this service?
How does it work?
What can you expect from your Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridge?
What is the Warranty?
What else do you need to know?

Note: This service is only available to addresses within U.S. including addresses in Alaska & Hawaii.
It is not available to addresses outside the United States.

What is Jetpak?
Jetpak is a complete third-party "mail-away" remanufacturing service. Note that Jetpak is not part of Inkjets.com; they are a totally separate company which offers a refill service. .

Jet-Paks are PRE-PAID mailers (not specific to cartridge model ) that you purchase from Inkjets.com ahead of time. You then use these mailers as needed to send in your cartridges to be remanufactured. (Remanufacturing is essentially a professional refilling service.)

The cost of a Jetpak covers the remanufacturing service plus the shipping to and from the remanufacturing facility.

Each Jetpak is good for one cartridge and one use only.

What cartridges are eligible for this service?
Most HP, Lexmark, Compaq and many Apple, Brother, Canon, Xerox and other ink cartridges may be remanufactured by Jetpak.

For a complete list of eligible cartridges, click here

How does it work?
1. Order a Jetpak mailer (or multiple mailers) from Inkjets.com

Click here to Order a Jetpak

Please note:

- Jetpak mailers are GENERIC and thus are not cartridge specific. You do not need to specify what cartridges you will be using them for. Simply confirm that your cartridges are on the list of serviceable cartridges:

For a complete list of eligible cartridges, click here

Inkjets.com shipping fee will be added to the cost of the mailers.

2. Inkjets.com will ship you the Jetpak mailers via your selected shipping option.
Thus, the speed with which you will receive your mailers depends on the shipping option you choose at checkout. Keep the mailers on hand until your cartridge is empty.

3. When your ink cartridge is empty, open the Jetpak mailer.

  • Each Jetpak contains:
  • Jetpak pre-paid mailing box
  • Re-closeable plastic bag for your empty cartridge
  • Return address label
  • Receipt (label with your mailer's unique 6 digit number)
  • Mailing instructions


4. Follow the simple instructions to assemble your Jetpak mailing box.

5. Write your name and return address on the blue and white Return Address Label.

6. Detach the numbered Receipt from the lower right hand corner of the Return Address Label.
IMPORTANT! Keep this receipt in a safe place for your records. This number is unique to your cartridge and must be referenced for any customer service issues. You can use this number to track your Jet-Pak mailers at Jetpaktracking.com

7. Place your empty cartridge in the Re-closeable Plastic Bag and then place the cartridge in the mailing box. Seal the mailer with the box tab.
To protect the print head, consider wrapping the cartridge (already in the plastic bag) with a paper towel before putting it in the box.

Please avoid touching the print head and the other electronics found on the cartridge.

8. Drop the box in the mail.
No additional postage is required. Your cartridge will be shipped to Jetpak's remanufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ.

9. The cartridge will be professionally cleaned, refilled with high quality ink, and print tested to ensure high performance. It will then be returned to you via US Mail.
IMPORTANT: Jetpak does not guarantee that your exact cartridge will be returned to you. They will make every effort to do so. However, in order to provide a timely service, it is not possible to do this at all times. Please rest assured that the cartridge you do receive back will have statistically the same life as the one you sent in.

10. If the cartridge does not pass the print test
If the cartridge is found to be unserviceable (the cartridge has worn out), Jetpak will not replace the cartridge. However, they will send you a certificate (or on occasion a new mailer) to recycle another cartridge at no additional charge. Thus, you will not be out any money.

11. Allow 10 - 15 business days for the entire process to take place.

What can you expect from your Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridge?
On an average, inkjet cartridges can be recycled 3 to 4 times. However, some cartridges CANNOT be recycled EVEN ONE time while many can be recycled more than 4. This varies considerably from cartridge to cartridge and from cartridge style to cartridge style.

What Jetpak does know with certainty is that all inkjet cartridges will wear out eventually. Each cartridge is cleaned, filled, and print tested upon receipt. If a cartridge fails to pass its print tests and is found to be "unserviceable," Jetpak DOES NOT replace the cartridge, nor will they provide a refund. (Note that Inkjets.com too, will not replace the cartridge nor provide a refund.) However, Jetpak will send you a certificate to recycle another cartridge at no charge. The certificate may be used to place an "extra" cartridge in a future mailer. Thus, you are not out any money.

What is the Warranty?
Jet-Paks and their service are warranted by their manufacturer. Inkjets.com DOES NOT provide refunds on any "used" mailers, certificates of return mailers for defective cartridges. However, we will accept unused mailers for return as in accordance with our Return Policy.
Each remanufactured inkjet cartridge is covered by a 180-Day Warranty from Jetpak from the date it is received.

If your cartridge develops a printing problem or stops working during the warranty period, it should be immediately returned to JETPAK for testing and evaluation:
The fastest, most cost effective, and most environmentally friendly way for you to return a cartridge is to clearly mark it as "defective" and return it as an "extra" cartridge in your next mailer.
If your cartridge is too large to fit as an "extra" in your next mailer, contact Inkjets.com. We will then submit a request to Jetpak to send you a Return Mailer for your cartridge.
If your cartridge can be repaired, it will be returned to you.
If your cartridge has simply reached the end of its useful life, was not more than 75% used when returned, and meets other warranty conditions, Jetpak will send you a certificate to remanufacture another cartridge at no charge.

Jetpak and Inkjets.com DO NOT REPLACE cartridges when they become "unserviceable" since all inkjet cartridges will eventually wear out.

This warranty is limited to Jetpak-serviced products only. Jetpak does not accept as returns OEM/name brand cartridges or cartridges recycled by other companies. Jetpak also does not accept cartridges as returns if the Jetpak authorized label has been removed, or if the cartridge has been tampered with in any way prior to return. Warranties also do not cover printer repairs performed by persons other than Jetpak personnel.

What else do you need to know?
Each Jetpak you purchase is good for one cartridge and one use only.
A Jetpak DOES NOT include a cartridge. You must have an empty cartridge on hand to use this service. Inkjets.com DOES NOT SELL empty cartridges.

Leaks: Occasionally, changes in air pressure during shipping can cause a small amount of ink to form inside the protective bag that holds your recycled cartridge. This does not harm the cartridge, nor does it mean the cartridge will leak in use. If this should happen, just dampen a paper towel and clean the cartridge before use.

To Prolong Cartridge Life: Keep your recycled cartridge sealed in the protective bag until you are ready to use it. If you remove the cartridge before it is empty, seal it in a plastic or zip lock bag to protect it from exposure to air and its drying effects while not in use.
Have a backup cartridge on hand. This way you are still able to print while your other cartridge is away being remanufactured. Remember it may take up to 10 to 15 business days for your cartridge to be returned to you.

Helpful Hints If You Have a Printing Problem:
Streaks or partial characters in printing: Clean cartridge contacts (copper electronic circuitry) with warm water. Also clean contacts in printer carriage according to your printer's manual, then snap the cartridge in and out a few times to assure a good connection.

Other printing problems: Many printing problems are not related to the cartridge. Particularly with inkjet printing, the media (paper source) has a great deal to do with print quality. Check your media carefully for print quality before using it in your inkjet printer. Software and hardware problems can also contribute to print quality, color reproduction, etc. Your printer's manual will have many suggestions for both cleaning and maintaining your printer. Please refer to the manual when you have a printing problem.

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