Ricoh Aficio MP 6002 Toner

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The Ricoh Aficio MP 6002 offers fast print speeds and allows you to scan and print from a USB/SD card right from the control panel—no PC is required. Up to 60 pages can be printed in just 60 seconds with the first page out in as fast as 3.9 seconds. And, its maximum paper capacity is up to 3,100 sheets. Find a low-priced but high-quality replacement Ricoh Aficio MP 6002 toner cartridge here at Our Ricoh 885400 (Type 6110D) Compatible Black Toner Cartridge is manufactured following strict quality control standards to ensure you get clear text lines and awesome color production in every page. Buy one here now and enjoy as much as 42% discount!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

By following the easy-step-by-step guide below, you will be able to replace the toner cartridge on the Ricoh Aficio MP 6002:

  1. Open the front panel of your Ricoh printer.
  2. Swing the toner cartridge cradle from the MP 6002.
  3. Remove the cartridge that needs replacement. Do this by lifting the green lever until it is fully released.
  4. Give the replacement cartridge a gentle shake until the toner is evenly distributed. Afterwards, remove the protective cap by unscrewing it.
  5. Place the toner cartridge on the cradle. Raise the green lever by doing so.
  6. Swing the cartridge cradle back to its original position.
  7. Close the front panel and enjoy printing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when the ""Toner Cartridge is almost empty." appears on the Ricoh Aficio MP 6002 display?

When the ""Toner Cartridge is almost empty." appears on the display, it means the cartridge is near the end of its life. Make sure to order a new toner cartridge soon.

Can I repeatedly remove and reinstall the Ricoh toner cartridge?

No. Removing and reinstalling the Ricoh toner cartridge repeatedly may lead to toner leakage.

Can I get free shipping with my Ricoh 885400 (Type 6110D) Compatible Black Toner Cartridge order?

Yes. Our Compatible Ricoh 885400 (Type 6110D) costs $30, so the shipping fee is waived when shipped to the continental US.