Epson vs Canon Printer - Which is better?

Canon and EPSON printers are well-known for their high-quality prints,

especially when it comes to digital printing.


Each of these brands has things that will blow your mind.

But like any other piece of equipment, Canon and Epson printers

have their own pros and cons.


Since you found this article, you might be wondering which of these two printer brands

is the better buy.


You don't need to look any further because you've already found it.

Today, we'll look at the best-reviewed Canon and Epson printers

and see how they compare.



#1: Quality of Print

Text prints

Even though laser printers make sharper texts than inkjet printers,

there are some inkjet printers, like Canon's Pixma MG3620

and Pixma TS6020, that can print texts

that are just as good.


EPSON says that its WF-2760 inkjet printer not only makes sharp text,

but also has the fastest text printing speed of any inkjet.

When it comes to duplex printing, Epson's WF-6590 makes

just as sharp text prints on both sides,

while Canon's TS6020 makes lighter ones.

PDF file prints

The Canon TS6020 makes the sharpest and smoothest PDF text prints,

but the EPSON WF-2760 can also make consistently nice prints.

Photo of a Canon printer

#2: Price of Ink

Multifunction printers from Canon and all-in-one printers from Epson

can save you money, but cheaper doesn't always mean better.


For your Canon or Epson printer, you can check out InkJet's

cheap but high-quality ink cartridges and toner cartridges.

We have supplies for printers from brands like HP, Brother,

Kodak, Lexmark, and more, in addition to

Canon and Epson.


#3 Paper Handling

If you're going to do a lot of duplex printing, you should get a printer with a duplexer.

As we've said before, make sure the quality on both sides is sharp.

Also, getting a printer with an automatic document feeder

would make things easier for you.


But not all ADFs are quick. The ADF on the EPSON WF-2760 is very slow.

Still, it's better than the Canon MG3620 and TS6020,

which don't have automatic document feeders.


EPSON WF-6590 can handle most papers, but Canon's models can handle photo papers,

which EPSON WF-6590 can't.

You decide which of these two models is better.

Photo of an Epson printer


The End Result

We can say that Canon wins in the end. Canon's printing, copying, and scanning

are better than EPSON's and cost less to run.


But Canon has the fastest copying and scanning speeds,

while EPSON has the fastest printing speed.


EPSON's best printers can handle more paper,

but Canon's models have options for how to feed photo paper.

Even after reading this review, the choice you make will still depend

on your budget and needs, but we hope this article helped you a lot.