Free Flags of East and Southeast Asia Activity Book

Let your kids explore the world through flags! presents the Flags of the World series, a collection of fun and informative printable coloring and activity books that feature flags and interesting information about countries of the world. As your kids color these pages, they’ll expand their knowledge of countries outside of their own and hopefully spark a desire to explore and know more about them.


The Flags of East and Southeast Asia is the first printable from this series. This printable activity book highlights the countries of the most populous region of the world. Aside from the flag, each page features fun and interesting information about the specific country, including national costumes and popular dishes. It also has population information in big bold letters that kids can also color in.


The simple activity of coloring can have lifelong benefits for young children. Aside from providing a fun pastime, coloring books and activity sheets are also excellent supplementary educational tool. Coloring gives kids an opportunity to express themselves creatively.


Studies also reveal that basic skills such as holding and sharpening the crayons help develop kids’ hand and eye coordination and refine motor skills. Coloring also helps children recognize patterns, shapes, lines, and words.


Download your copy of our free printable Flags of East and Southeast Asia now! You can print all pages or choose individual pages to complement your educational materials.