Free Printable Paper Dolls

Ever since paper was invented thousands of years ago, children have been creating dolls and other toys using paper. Today, paper dolls are not as popular as they once were. In a world now dominated by high-tech toys, video games, and gadgets, playing with paper dolls may seem quaint and outdated. However, these simple yet charming toys still offer many benefits, especially to younger children.


Just like regular dolls, paper dolls help improve children’s creativity and imagination. They provide plenty of opportunities for creative pretend play, which builds important thinking skills that prove useful in solving complex problems later in life.


Playing with dolls also allows children to make-believe with social and emotional roles. This is helpful in developing social and emotional skills.


Dolls also help build self-esteem by allowing kids to imagine that they can be anything. Kids also often create and tell stories out loud while playing with dolls. This is crucial to developing children’s communication skills. Small dolls also let children practice their fine motor skills.


Best of all, paper dolls are often easy to make and inexpensive. In fact, we have free printable paper dolls here at Printable Learning, an official blog of, a leading online seller of replacement ink and toner cartridges.


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