How to print with Alexa on your HP printer

In this guide, we show you how to connect

your HP printer to Alexa

in just five easy steps.


Printing is one of the many automated services you can use with your smart speaker.

It lets you print a wide range of papers when you tell it to.

HP's printers first worked with Alexa at the beginning of 2018. 


Amazon Alexa's printing skills aren't smart enough yet

to print specific files or pictures,

but they can print out pre-programmed sheets

like shopping lists and coloring pages. 


As Alexa gets smarter, it's possible that its printing features will get better.

Until then, we'll show you how to add the apps you already have

and how to print with your HP printer.

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What can Alexa print on your HP printer?

Once you've set up your HP printer to work with Alexa,

you are able to print shopping lists, to-do lists, puzzles,

calendars, notes, comics, coloring pages,

and recipes from


How to connect Alexa to your HP printer

top view of Amazon Alexa devicetop view of Amazon Alexa device

1. First, make sure that both your Alexa device and the HP printer

are connected to the same WiFi network.

They won't be able to talk to each other if they aren't on

the same network.


2. Make sure your printer works with HP ePrint, a cloud-based printing service

that lets you print from anywhere with an internet link.

Look for the HP ePrint icon on your printer's display.

It's a small picture that looks like a printer

printing a sheet of paper. 


3. HP ePrint will work with your printer if it is selected on the screen.

If your printer doesn't have a screen, you'll need to check the printer's instructions

to see if it's compatible with HP ePrint. 


Most recent HP printers should be able to use ePrint.

If you have an old printer that doesn't work with ePrint,

you won't be able to use Alexa to print.


You can get the HP Printer skill from the Alexa app

or the Amazon website and turn it on.


Go to the "Skills and Games" tab in the Alexa app to find the printer skill.

Then, look for "HP Printer" and click "enable to use"


You can look for "HP Alexa skill" in the Amazon search bar

to find the Alexa skill.


Select the HP picture and click "Enable" on your Alexa device

to turn on the skill.


4. When you turn on the skill,

Alexa will ask you for the email address of your printer.

You can find this information in a few different ways:  


First, you can print out the printer information page on your printer

to find the email address.


Since every printer is different, you may need to look in the printer's instructions

to find out how to do this.  

The same HP ePrint sign should be shown on the screen

of newer printers with a display. 


When you press the HP ePrint button, your printer will print out

the information page.


If your printer doesn't have a screen like the HP Tango,

there will be another button on the printer that brings up the

printer information page. 


You can press and hold down the "i" button in the middle of the HP Tango printer!

You can also log in to your HP Connected account

to find the email address for your printer.  


If you registered your printer and made an account

when you first set it up, you can find the printer's

email address by logging into

your account.


5. In the HP printer skill on the Alexa app, enter the email address.  

Alexa can now be used to print!


All you have to do to print is say, "Alexa, print my shopping list."