What is page yield and why is it important?

Page yield is the number of pages you can print with a single cartridge. The ISO standard for measuring ink cartridge yields by printing out pages with 5% page coverage* until the cartridge runs empty is used to calculate a cartridge's page yield.

But, how long your printer cartridge lasts or how many pages you can print will be determined by what you print. If you print a lot of images, you'll run out of ink considerably faster. Your cartridges will last longer if you print largely infrequently.

*What exactly is Page Coverage? The amount of ink or toner that covers the page is referred to as page coverage.

*How much page coverage is 5%? That signifies that only 5% of the page is printed with ink or toner.

Consider the page yield to be an approximate estimate rather than a hard statistic because numerous factors influence the actual number of pages printed by your cartridge.

Colorful graphics versus largely black and white text. If you print more documents than photos, you will run out of black ink sooner. If you print more colored graphics than text, you should anticipate to run out of colored ink.

Content quantity / size: Do you print papers with long sections of text? Do you frequently print large photos? This will use more ink and reduce the total number of pages you can print from your cartridge.

Printing quality: Always print in draft mode to get the most out of your ink. But, if you always print in high resolution, you may run out of ink sooner than you think.

Photo of white inkjet printer on a deskPhoto of white inkjet printer on a desk

Page Yields of Various Cartridges

Cartridges often come in a handful of different sizes, so page yields vary accordingly. Bigger cartridges, often known as high yield cartridges, print far more than ordinary cartridges. Consider the ink cartridges for the HP OfficeJet Pro 6978.

HP 902 - Prints 300 pages with this standard size ink cartridge for the HP OfficeJet Pro 6978.

HP 902XL - This is the larger (high yield) variant of the HP 902. This high-capacity cartridge produces 825 pages.

HP 906XL - This is the largest HP 6978 cartridge. It's what's known as an extremely high yield cartridge. It produces 1,500 pages.

Installation: Installing a larger-sized cartridge is the same as installing a conventional cartridge. A high yield HP 564XL, for example, should fit precisely into the slot for your HP 564.



When should you use a standard cartridge versus a high yield (or high capacity) cartridge?

For use with inkjet printers

If you do not print frequently, standard size ink cartridges make more sense. If you do not print frequently, don't overstock on ink by purchasing high yield cartridges. You will not save money because the ink will most likely dry up regardless. But, if you print frequently, high yield cartridges are a more cost-effective option that also minimizes the number of times you have to replace ink cartridges. If you actually want to save money on ink, acquire compatible ink cartridges and save up to 80% off brand-name cartridges.


For use with laser printers

Laser printers are recognized to be higher volume printers than inkjet printers, however the cartridge size you should choose is still dependent on your usage. If you use your laser printer at home, a normal size toner cartridge should be sufficient for the time being. When searching for cartridges for your office laser printer (which will most likely print far more than a home printer), go with higher yield toner cartridges.



Buying a Printer Based on Page Yields

Various printers utilize different cartridges, and the page yields of those cartridges vary. Most people purchase a printer based on the initial cost of ownership, but we recommend examining the running cost of a printer just as seriously.

The page yield of the cartridge determines how frequently you'll need to replace cartridges and how many replacements you'll need to purchase to keep your printer running. Greater page yields imply fewer replacements and greater cost savings.

Another issue to consider while looking for a printer, particularly a color printer, is whether cyan, magenta, and yellow are available in a single cartridge. Or does each color require its own cartridge? We recommend acquiring a printer with individual color cartridges if you print a lot of colorful documents (one for cyan, one for yellow, one for magenta). They not only come with additional ink, but they also allow you to use the printer even if one of the color cartridges is empty.


Computing the Cost Per Page (CPP)

Cost per page, or CPP, is also very essential when considering page yield because it determines how much you'll spend on printer cartridges in the long run. To calculate the cost per page, simply divide the page yield of the cartridge by the cost of the printer cartridge.

For example, an original Brother TN221 black toner cartridge costs $75.49 and has a page yield of 2,500. The cost is 2.8 cents per page after some fast division.

Color cartridge cost per page calculation is slightly more complicated. Now, using the previously given formula, determine the cost per page for each individual cartridge. (It's worth noting that most cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges have the same page yield.) Then add the cost of all four cartridges per page (black, cyan, magenta and yellow).

As an example, consider original Brother TN225 color cartridges. Original color cartridges cost $74.99 and print 2,200 pages, yielding a cost per page of 3.6 cents using the same calculation.


To calculate the overall cost per page for color, we must also include the cost per page for black in the equation.

Cartridge in black Total Color Cartridge Cost CPP = CPP + (Color Cartridge CPP x 3) or 3.0 cents + (3.6 cents multiplied by 3) = 13 cents

If we total up the costs of all four toner cartridges, we get 13.8 cents per page for color printouts in this scenario.


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