Brother LC103 (Replaces LC101) Compatible High-Yield 5-Piece Combo Pack

Includes 2 Black, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, and 1 Yellow
Brother LC103 (Replaces LC101) Compatible High-Yield 5-Piece Combo Pack

Includes 2 Black, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, and 1 Yellow

5 cartridges

Number of cartridges included in pack.

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Brand new Brother cartridge that is compatible with your printer.

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If you prefer a multi-pack of compatible Brother LC103 ink cartridges, we have it for you. We currently have in stock a five piece combo pack of compatible Brother LC103 cartridges. Each one is modelled after its original counterpart to perfectly fit inside the cartridge slots of its compatible printer models such as DCP-J152W, MFC-J245, MFC-J285DW, MFC-J450DW, MFC-J470DW, MFC-J475DW, MFC-J650DW, and more. Aside from the physical aspect, our compatible replacements have the same ink grade and high-yield ink capacity. If you find our cartridge inefficient and low-quality, give us a call and we will give your money back!

  • Replaces LC101
  • Five piece combo pack
  • 1-year warranty with free returns
  • Comes with 2 black, and one yellow, cyan, and magenta
  • For DCP and MFC printer models


Product Brand
OEM Ref # LC103 5-Pack
Also Known As LC103 (Replaces LC101)
Replaces OEM #s LC103, LC101
Product Type Ink Cartridge
Product Instance Compatible
Ink Type Dye
Product Capacity High Yield
Shelf Life 18-24 Months
Number of pieces 5

Compatible Printers

  • DCP Series
    • DCP-J132W
    • DCP-J152W
    • DCP-J172W
    • DCP-J552DW
    • DCP-J752DW
    • DCP-J4110DW
  • MFC MultiFunction
    • MFC-J245
    • MFC-J285DW
    • MFC-J450DW
    • MFC-J470DW
    • MFC-J475DW
    • MFC-J650DW
    • MFC-J870DW
    • MFC-J875DW
    • MFC-J4310DW
    • MFC-J4410DW
    • MFC-J4510DW
    • MFC-J4610DW
    • MFC-J4710DW
    • MFC-J6520DW
    • MFC-J6720DW
    • MFC-J6920DW