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With the Brother DCP-385C, you can print, copy, and scan with just one machine. Aside from being a convenient addition to home offices or small workgroups, it also offers quality prints, copies, and scans each time with speeds of up to 30 pages per minute for prints and 20 pages per minute for copies. It is fitted as well with a large LCD display, simplifying navigation controls. Replacement cartridges for the Brother DCP-385C include compatible Brother LC61C cyan, Brother LC61M magenta, Brother LC61BK black, and Brother LC61Y yellow ink cartridges. Get these replacement ink cartridges as twin packs with discounts or five- or 10-piece combo packs for even bigger savings. Buy and more and you get free shipping. Shop today!

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  1. Brother LC61 Compatible Ink Cartridge 10-Pack Combo
    Brother LC61 Compatible Ink Cartridge 10-Pack Combo
    80% of 100

    Includes 4 Brother LC61 Black, 2 Brother LC61 Cyan, 2 Brother LC61 Magenta, and 2 Brother LC61 Yellow Compatible Ink Cartridges.

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  2. Brother LC61 Compatible, 5 pack (2) Black, (1) Cyan, (1) Magenta, (1) Yellow
    Brother LC61 Compatible Ink Cartridge 5-Pack Combo
    94% of 100

    Includes 2 LC61 Black, 1 LC61 Cyan, 1 LC61 Magenta, and 1 LC61 Yellow Compatible Ink Cartridges

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    5 Cartridges / $ ea
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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

To replace ink cartridges for the Brother DCP-385C, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Open the ink cartridge cover.
  2. Press down on the ink cartridge release lever on the ink cartridge to be replaced.
  3. Pull out old ink cartridge to remove it.
  4. Remove new ink cartridge from packaging. Remove protective covering on new ink cartridge.
  5. Insert the new ink cartridge into its corresponding slot, nozzle facing the printer. Follow the direction the guide arrow on the ink cartridge is pointing to as well.
  6. Gently push the new ink cartridge in until it clicks into place.
  7. Close the ink cartridge cover. Printer automatically resets ink dot counter after cartridge replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between ink and toner cartridges?

Ink cartridges are designed for inkjet machines while toner cartridges are made for laser printers and copiers. Inks are also liquid while toners are powder in form.

Can I store replacement ink cartridges?

Yes, of course! Sealed in their packages and kept in a cool, dry place, our replacement ink cartridges will stay in good condition for at least 18 months.

Do you have guarantees in place?

All compatible Brother LC61C cyan, Brother LC61M magenta, Brother LC61BK black, and Brother LC61Y yellow ink cartridges from Inkjets.com underwent and passed stringent checks, ensuring they meet specifications for the Brother DCP-385C. They are guaranteed to work or you get your money back--no questions asked.