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Stylish and compact, but also a winner in fast and reliable performance best describe the Brother Fax 878. Notable features include an integrated telephone handset, automatic document feeder and up to 25 pages Out of Paper Reception. But it won't be able to do its job well without a high-quality replacement film roll from One of our bestsellers is the Brother PC501 Compatible Black Fax Cartridge Twin Pack, which offers quality ink output and 150-page yield that are just as good as OEMs but is more cost-effective. This is the perfect option for price-conscious buyers. Get up to 37% off when you order today, plus free shipping for orders worth or up.

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

Installing a new film roll in your Brother Fax 878 is never a bother. Just follow these easy-breezy steps:

  1. Lift the lever on the right side of the top cover to access the print cartridge.
  2. Remove the print cartridge with the used film roll and set it upside down with the blue gear in the upper left corner.
  3. Take out the used film roll from the cartridge by snapping out the upper and lower right white spools, then sliding the roll off the blue gear and lower left white spool.
  4. Prepare the new film roll. Slide the elastic of the new film roll and set them down with the full roll in the lower position so the shiny side is facing down.
  5. Take off the white spools from the ends of the used cardboard cores, then place them into the same positions in the new cores.
  6. Install the new film roll by slipping the lower left cardboard core onto white spool of the cartridge. Slip the upper blue core onto the blue gear of the cartridge.
  7. Then, insert the upper and lower right white spools into the holders.
  8. Tighten the ribbon by turning the upper left blue gear anti-clockwise, then turn the cartridge over and put it back inside the fax machine.
  9. Press down on both sides of the top cover to close it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are compatible fax film rolls?

This refers to fax cartridges, like the ones in our Brother PC501 Compatible Black Fax Cartridge Twin Pack that are specifically made to comply with the quality specifications of their compatible fax machine. They work the same way as OEM fax film rolls, use practically the same design and technology, and are guaranteed to work perfectly with your Brother Fax 878.

How do protect their customers?

We cover our compatible fax cartridges with a solid 1-year warranty, plus money-back guarantee and free returns as added protection to your investment. Our friendly and professional representatives will be happy to answer any of your queries, as well.

Any details on shipping? offers same-day shipping and fast delivery for orders placed before 3pm Pacific Time, except Fridays, weekends and holidays. We'll even ship them for free if your orders reach $30 or more.

Cartridges compatible with your Brother FAX 878 Film Roll

Brother PC402RF (2-PACK) Compatible Black Fax Film Rolls

300 Page Yield

Regular Price: $21.95

(14% OFF)

Special Price $18.95

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Brother PC501 Black Compatible Fax Cartridge with Roll

150 Page Yield

Regular Price: $26.95

(26% OFF)

Special Price $19.95

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