Intellifax 2580c

Intellifax 2580c

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When you need to send and receive color faxes and make vibrant color copies at the same time, you'll never go wrong with the Brother Intellifax 2580c. This easy-to-use color inkjet fax is also a copier and a digital cordless phone in one and it is ideal for any home or small office use. This comes with a 16MB memory that can store up to 300 fax pages and a convenient 4-cartridge ink system, so you can replace only what's necessary. For your high-quality but affordable replacement Brother ink cartridge needs, Inkjets is your reliable source. We offer the Brother LC51BK Compatible Black Ink Cartridge Twin Pack that is priced up to 70% off than its original counterpart. Check out our listing below to know more about our products.

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  1. Brother LC51 Compatible, Carrot Bunch 5 piece Carrot Bunch, (2) black, 1 Cyan, Magenta, 1 Yellow
    Brother LC51 Compatible Ink Cartridge 5-Pack Combo
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    • (2) Compatible LC-51 Black
    • (1) Compatible LC-51 Cyan
    • (1) Compatible LC-51 Magenta
    • (1) Compatible LC-51 Yellow
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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

To replace an empty ink cartridge on the Brother Intellifax 2580c, follow the 6 simple steps below:


  1. Open the ink cartridge cover.
  2. Remove the empty ink cartridge from the Intellifax 2580c by pulling the lock release lever down.
  3. Get the new ink cartridge package. Then, remove all its packing materials including the protective yellow cap.
  4. Insert the new cartridge into the correct position. Make sure to insert it in the direction of the arrow on the label.
  5. Lift the lock release lever gently and push it until it clicks.
  6. Close the ink cartridge cover. Wait until the Intellifax 2580c automatically resets the ink dot counter before you resume printing.


Frequently Asked Questions


How come the Intellifax 2580c said it got an empty black ink cartridge, but the old black cartridge still had remaining ink left when I removed it?

Although the Intellifax 2580c says that the black ink cartridge is empty, there will still be a small amount of ink left in the cartridge to prevent air from drying out and damaging the printhead assembly.


The protective yellow cap came off the moment I opened the bag of the new ink cartridge. Will the cartridge get damaged?

No. You need to remove the protective yellow cap from the new ink cartridge anyway prior to installation.


Why does the LCD show 'No Cartridge' even after installing a new set of ink cartridges?

When the LCD shows 'No Cartridge' after installing all four ink cartridges, it could be that the cartridges are not installed correctly. Try removing them first and reinstall them properly.