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If you're looking for a multifunction printer that's also capable of high-quality copying and scanning, the Brother MFC-7240 machine is ideal for you. This printer is also equipped with fax so you can easily print documents such as invoices and other important files. Here at, we can help you ensure that all your prints are produced in striking resolution. Just order our Brother TN450 (Replaces TN420) Compatible Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge and your printer would be set for creating professional-looking documents without worrying about smudges. This toner cartridge also comes with a 1-year warranty and is backed by 100% guarantee so you can be sure that you're only getting top-rated products. Call us today and we'd be happy to help you find the right ink and toner for every printer you have.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Before replacing the toner cartridge, make sure that the machine is powered on.
  2. Open the front cover of the machine allow for it to cool down. Then, take out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly.
  3. Gently press the green lock lever on the drum unit and then remove the empty toner cartridge.
  4. Take the new toner cartridge out of its box. Then, hold it on both ends and gently shake it left and right several times to spread the ink inside thoroughly.
  5. Remove the protective cover from the new toner cartridge, and install the new toner cartridge into the drum unit and push until it locks into place.
  6. Clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit by carefully sliding the green tab side to side a few times.
  7. Push the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back into the printer, and then close the front cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages can I get from this toner?

Our Brother TN450 (Replaces TN420) Compatible Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge can print up to 2,600 pages. Please keep in mind that factors such as frequent printing and optimal printing settings can affect the total page yield of any toner cartridge.

What is the difference between the toner cartridge and the drum unit?

The toner cartridge is the component that contains the ink in powder form. The drum unit, on the other hand is the part that transfers the ink from the toner cartridge to the paper while printing.

What is the shelf life of this toner?

This toner cartridge has a shelf life of 24-36 months. You can help ensure that the quality of any unopened toner boxes in a place away from direct heat and sunlight.