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FAX L280

Cartridge prices starting at $25.95

The Canon FAX L280 multifunction printer has a sturdy build and offers reliable performance. It offers print speeds of up to 6 pages per minute at 600x600 dpi maximum resolution. As with most printers, however, it's important you always have an extra cartridge on hand in case the machine runs out. Let help you with this via our high-quality selection. You should check out our Canon FX3 (1557A002BA) Remanufactured Black Toner Cartridge. It offers an impressive 3500-page yield and sharp, detailed print resolution that is equal to its OEM counterpart. With its budget-friendly price tag, this option allows you to get more printing done while enjoying more savings. Order this option today and get up to 41% off. For orders worth or more, you also get free shipping.

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

Make toner cartridge replacement for your Canon FAX L280 multifunction printer easy by following this guide:

  1. Make sure the printer is plugged in, then lift the latch to open the front cover.
  2. Grasp the handle of the used toner cartridge and remove it from the printer.
  3. Take out the new toner cartridge from its protective bag. Gently rock the new cartridge from side to side a few times. This way, the toner is distributed more evenly inside.
  4. Place the new toner cartridge on a flat, even surface. Support it with one hand, then use the other to pull the plastic tab to completely remove the plastic seal.
  5. Make sure the new toner cartridge is aligned with the rails inside the printer, then push it in as far as it will go.
  6. Close the front cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are remanufactured toner cartridges safe to use with my Canon FAX L280 multifunction printer?

Don't worry—they are! Remanufactured toner cartridges may not be brand-new, but they have met stringent quality requirements. They are guaranteed safe to use with this printer model without nullifying its warranties.

How do remanufactured toner cartridges benefit me?

Remanufactured toner cartridges, like the Canon FX3 (1557A002BA) Remanufactured Black Toner Cartridge offered by, are more cost-effective than their branded versions. However, they can still deliver the same high-quality print results, making them the better purchasing decision.

Is there any difference between toner and ink cartridges?

Yep. Toner cartridges are used in laser printers, while ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers.

Cartridges compatible with your Canon FAX L280 Printer

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