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FAX L4000

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With its speedy and exceptional performance, the Canon FAX L4000 is a step above other available fax machines. Its myriad of features ensure your fax printing and copying needs are met effectively. But to get the most of this machine, don't forget about the toner cartridge it uses. When it's almost out, turn to for the best replacements. You should definitely check out our Canon FX3 (1557A002BA) Remanufactured Black Toner Cartridge, which has up to 3500-page yield. Sharp, clear, and smudge-free black output is expected from this option, but not the high expenses involved with its OEM version. Order today and enjoy greater savings. You can get up to 45% off, plus free shipping for orders with a total of or more.

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

Toner cartridge replacement for your Canon FAX L4000 is an easy process. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure your fax machine is plugged in, then open the front cover.
  2. Grasp the handle of the used toner cartridge and remove it from the fax machine.
  3. Unpack the new toner cartridge. Hold it on both sides and gently rock it from side to side several times. This way, the toner is distributed more evenly inside the cartridge.
  4. Place the cartridge on a flat, sturdy surface. Support its body with one hand and use the other to pull off the sealing tape.
  5. Holding the cartridge by its handle, align it properly with its slot in the fax machine. Slide in the toner cartridge, pressing it into the machine as far as it will go.
  6. Once you're sure the cartridge is completely secure inside, close the front cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do remanufactured toner cartridges benefit me?

Aside from being safe to use with your Canon FAX L4000 machine, the remanufactured toner cartridges offered by are more cost-effective, dealing with any worry you might have about toner-related expenses. Their impressive print resolution is also on the same level as OEMs—and because they're budget-friendly—make them a wiser purchasing decision.

Any tips on how to prolong the life of my unopened toner cartridges?

You just need to store them properly. Given how unopened toner cartridges are sensitive to harsh lighting and extreme changes in humidity and temperature, you'll want to keep them in a dark, dry and climate-controlled space. Make sure the place you stored them in is also clean, dust-free and away from any gaseous cleaning materials.

When do I get my Canon FX3 (1557A002BA) Remanufactured Black Toner Cartridge?

You'll have them installed in your fax machine in no time. can ship them on the same day just as long you placed your orders before 3pm Pacific Time, except Fridays, weekends and holidays.

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