ImageClass LBP113w

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Ideal for home offices and small businesses, the Canon ImageClass LBP113W is designed for smaller print jobs with first-print-out times as fast 6.3 seconds. Easy to use and energy-efficient, it can also connect to various devices to let you print from anywhere and supports flexible paper handling.

Replacement consumables for the Canon ImageClass LBP113W include Canon 049 (2165C001AA) Compatible Drum Units and Canon 047 (2164C001AA) Compatible Black Toner Cartridges. Get them individually depending on your needs or take advantage of our combo pack for more convenience and better value for money.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

To replace a cartridge for the Canon ImageClass LBP113W, simply follow these steps:

  1. Remove the output cover.
  2. Close the paper stopper and then open the toner cover.
  3. Remove the old toner cartridge to be replaced by pulling it out from its handle.
  4. Remove the new toner cartridge from its packaging. Remove protective covering on the new toner cartridge.
  5. Shake the new toner cartridge five or six times to evenly distribute toner inside. Set it down on a flat surface covered with a piece of disposable cloth or paper.
  6. Align the new toner cartridge with the machine. Insert the new toner cartridge until it is firmly in place.
  7. Close the toner cover.
  8. Replace the output cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you replace drum units and toner cartridges at the same time?

Not necessarily. Canon 049 (2165C001AA) Compatible Drum Units and Canon 047 (2164C001AA) Compatible Black Toner Cartridges may be rated with different page yields, so they will run out at different times. You may replace only what you need to, but it also doesn't hurt to stock up on consumables, ensuring you're always ready when you need a replacement.

Can I store drum units?

Kept sealed in a cool, dry place, all replacement drum units from will stay in good condition for up to two years.

Do you have guarantees in place?

All compatible drum units and toner cartridges for the Canon ImageClass LBP113W are guaranteed to work or you get your money back--no questions asked.