ImageClass LBP622Cdw

ImageClass LBP622Cdw

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The Canon ImageClass LBP622CDW may be compact in size, but it is a high-quality, reliable printer that's ideal for home or office use. It uses high-yield toner cartridges, so it's perfect for large-volume print jobs. To enjoy a lower cost per page while using this machine, choose only Inkjets' more affordable compatible Canon toner cartridges.

Our Canon 054H Compatible Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge, for one, is tested to the highest quality standards to give you professional-quality prints and print yields that you have grown to expect from original cartridges but at a fraction of the cost. If you're still in two minds about compatibles, well our range of compatible Canon toner cartridges and printer supplies is backed by our standard 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 365-day warranty. So, shop with confidence here today!

Compatible toner for Canon ImageClass LBP622CDW

The Canon ImageClass LBP622CDW uses Canon O54H toner cartridge.

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  1. Canon 054H High-Yield Compatible 4-Pack Combo
    Compatible Canon 054H Toner Cartridge High-Yield 4-Pack

    Includes 1 Canon 054H Black, 1 Canon 054H Cyan, 1 Canon 054H Magenta, and 1 Canon 054H Yellow Compatible High-Yield Toner Cartridges.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replace the compatible Canon ImageClass LBP622CDW toner cartridge by following these steps:

  1. To start, open the front cover of your Canon machine. The toner cartridge tray should be pulled out afterwards.
  2. Lift the used toner cartridge straight up and out of the tray. Discard it according to local regulations.
  3. Unpack the replacement toner cartridge and place it on a flat surface, and then remove its protective tape.
  4. Distribute the toner inside the cartridge by lightly rocking it back and forth several times.
  5. Look for the slot that matches the color of the toner cartridge and gently install the new cartridge. Be careful not to bump it against the slot frame.
  6. Make sure that the cartridge is fully installed by pressing down on it until an audible click is heard.
  7. Slide the toner cartridge tray back into the machine before closing the front cover.
  8. The quick adjustment will automatically start once the front cover is completely closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting partially faded text on the printed pages. Does this mean I have to replace one of the toner cartridges on my Canon ImageClass LBP622CDW soon?

Yes. Faded text on the printouts indicate a nearly empty toner cartridge. Get a replacement as soon as you can to avoid print quality issues.

Printing is uneven. Should I replace the nearly empty cartridge to resolve this issue?

Yes. You must replace the nearly empty toner cartridge to get improved print quality.

I am interested to purchase your compatible Canon toner cartridge, but it is currently out of stock. When will it become available?

We highly value your satisfaction, so we make sure our compatible Canon toner cartridges are always in stock. If the item you need is currently out of stock, kindly contact us so we can assist you.