ImageClass MF735cdw

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Designed as a copier, fax, printer, and scanner in one, the Canon ImageClass MF735CDW is all you need to boost work productivity and enhance work efficiency. All those copying, faxing, printing, and scanning tasks must not take a toll on your workgroup—so, with the Canon ImageClass MF735CDW, you get all those tasks done in as little time as possible. But just like any other Canon multifunction machine, the ImageClass MF735CDW also requires routine maintenance, which includes toner cartridge replacement. Good thing, getting a replacement toner cartridge is easy when you do your shopping here at Inkjets. We carry a wide selection of compatible Canon toner cartridges, including the Canon 046H Compatible Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge, that offers high output quality but is sold at a more affordable price. Shop here now!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here's how to replace the toner cartridge on the Canon ImageClass MF735CDW:

  1. Replace the toner cartridge on the Canon ImageClass MF735CDW with these steps:
  2. Open the front cover of your Canon ImageClass MF735CDW.
  3. Slide out the cartridge tray, and then get the old toner cartridge from its slot.
  4. Discard the toner cartridge according to local regulations.
  5. Pull the tab of the packaging, and then remove the new toner cartridge.
  6. Gently rock the new toner cartridge back and forth several times to distribute the toner inside the cartridge.
  7. Install the new toner cartridge into the empty slot firmly until it clicks into place.
  8. Close the front cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue printing with my Canon ImageClass MF735CDW when the appears?

Yes, but the print quality is not guaranteed. So, we highly recommend getting a new replacement Canon ink cartridge and install it before printing a high-volume print job.

What to do when printing becomes uneven or when streaks appear on the printouts?

When printing becomes uneven or streaks appear on the printouts, it's most likely that one of the toner cartridges has run out of toner. Replace the 'problem' cartridge before you resume printing for improved print quality.

If my shipping location is in Alaska, can I avail of your free shipping offer?

Unfortunately, no. Our free shipping offer is available only on orders shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states.