A printer, copier, and scanner in one, the Canon PIXMA G2200 features integrated ink tanks that let you print a lot without spending a lot. It offers quality prints each time, with blacks crisp and colors vivid, as well as borderless printing capability alongside flexible paper handling support.

Replacement inks for the Canon PIXMA G2200 include Canon GI-290BK (1595C001) Compatible Black Ink, Canon GI-290M (1597C001) Compatible Magenta Ink, and more. For convenience and bigger savings, check out our 5-piece combo pack!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Refilling ink tanks for the Canon PIXMA G2200 is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on.
  2. Open the scanning unit/cover all the way until it stops and locks into place.
  3. Open the ink tank cover. To refill black ink, open the left ink tank cover. To refill color inks, open the right ink tank cover.
  4. Grab and remove the cap on the ink tank to be refilled. Place the tank cap on the cap holder to make sure you don't lose it.
  5. Remove the new ink bottle from its packaging.
  6. Hold the new ink bottle upright and twist bottle cap to remove it.
  7. Refill the ink tank by aligning the ink bottle nozzle with the bottle guide on the printer and inserting it into the inlet. Stand ink bottle upside down and squeeze to push ink out. Do not fill above specified tank upper limit.
  8. Put the ink tank cap back.
  9. Close the ink tank cover.
  10. Lift the scanning unit/cover slightly to release it and close it gently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are page yields?

Page yields refer to the estimated number of pages that inks can produce and can be used to calculate for overall cost per page. All replacement inks from Inkjets.com offer comparable page yields to OEM products.

What's the difference between compatible and remanufactured cartridges?

Both are guaranteed to be of quality after passing Inkjets.com's stringent checks, but compatible cartridges are brand-new, non-OEM cartridges while remanufactured cartridges are repurposed cartridges made like new.

Do you have guarantees in place?

All replacement cartridges from Inkjets.com that are compatible with this printer are guaranteed to work with the Canon PIXMA G2200 or you get your money back--no questions asked.