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Let the Casio CE-4250 help you handle the day-to-day finances in your retail establishment more effectively. With its advanced electronic technology and versatile performance, every task becomes smoother and easier. Just don't forget to stock up on high-quality ink ribbon cartridges from Check out our Epson ERC-32B Compatible POS Ribbon Cartridges 6-Pack. It comes with exceptional black print output and an affordable price tag, allowing for the best results without having to spend more. These make them one of the best alternatives to OEMs. Plus, this combo pack is covered with's solid 1-year warranty coverage and 100% satisfaction guarantee for your greater peace of mind. Shop today and get up to 44% off. Orders worth are also shipped for free.

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  1. Epson ERC-32B Black Compatible POS Ribbon Cartridges
    Epson ERC-32B Compatible Black POS Ribbon Cartridges 6-Piece Combo Pack
    Works with popular printers such as the Epson TM-U675, Epson TM-U420, Epson TM-U150, and many more! Learn More
    Special Price $20.95 As low as $18.95
    6 Cartridges / $3.99 ea
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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Install a new ink ribbon cartridge in your Casio CE-4250 electronic cash register using these easy steps:


  1. Open the printer cover.
  2. Take off the printer sub cover and set it aside.
  3. Pull up the knob of the ribbon cassette.
  4. Unpack the new ink ribbon cartridge. Don't forget to remove its protective covering.
  5. Load the new ink ribbon cartridge into the machine. Turn the knob on the right side of the new cartridge to take up any slack in the ribbon.
  6. Check that the ribbon isn't creased or twisted in any way.
  7. Replace the printer sub cover and then close the printer cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


What makes compatible ink ribbon cartridges the better choice?

The budget-friendly price tag of compatible ink ribbon cartridges from is awesome enough, but they can also deliver the same sharp and detailed print output of branded cartridges. This makes them the better purchasing decision instead of OEMs every time.


Any details about warranty?

Aside from letting you avoid the hassle of buying a single cartridge at full price,'s Epson ERC-32B Compatible POS Ribbon Cartridges 6-Pack is covered with a solid 1-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee for your greater peace of mind.


How soon do I get my compatible ink ribbon cartridges?

You won't be waiting long. offers fast delivery and same-day shipping service. Just complete your orders before 3pm Pacific Time (except Fridays, weekends and holidays), and we'll have your cartridges packed and shipped on the same day.