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The Dell H625CDW printer can copy, scan, and fax. It allows small offices to function much better, thanks to its ability to connect to popular cloud services and print from compatible mobile devices. Rightfully so, Amazon users gave this printer 3.7 out of 5 stars. At Inkjets.com, you get the same quality of OEM cartridges but for only a fraction of the price. Our single ink cartridges are all made to meet and exceed OEM standards. Purchase our Dell D625cdw / H825cdw Compatible High-Yield Toner 4-Piece Combo Pack, so you’ll have toners at the ready as soon as you’re running low. Order more than $30 worth of products and we’ll cover your shipping fee. Call us or use our live chat function, if you need any help.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Pull down your printer’s front cover by grasping the grips on both sides.
  2. Pull the empty cartridge out of the printer.
  3. Take the new toner cartridge out of its wrapper. Give it a few shakes to distribute the ink contents.
  4. Place the new toner cartridge in its corresponding slot. Push it in until it locks into place.
  5. Close your printer’s front cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does “high yield” mean?


“High yield” refers to the ink contents of a cartridge. In this case, it means it can print more than standard-sized cartridges. Our Dell H625CDW / H825CDW / S2825CDN Compatible 593-BBOW (N7DWF) Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge, for instance, can print up to 3,000 pages. Our high-yield cartridges in cyan, magenta, and yellow can print up to 2,500 pages. Please note that this may vary depending on the type of paper that you use, how often you print, and your printer’s settings.


How does your warranty work?


Our products come with a one-year warranty, valid starting the day of your purchase. We also have a fantastic return policy. If you didn’t like it, we’ll refund your purchase at full price.


I need to speak to your customer service. How can I contact you?


Please feel free to contact us via live chat or phone call—whichever is more convenient for you. Our highly-trained customer service team is waiting to walk you through any issues.