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If you've got the Dell Laser B2375DNF, then you know how easy it is to use and personalize, thanks to its 4.3-inch touchscreen with customized user settings. It also keeps your confidential documents secured with its multi-level security features such as Secure Print, Secure PDFs, and user walk-up LDAP authentication. Inkjets offers more affordable Dell 593-BBBJ (8PTH4) Compatible Black Toner Cartridge with the same 10,000 page yield. It is designed to work seamlessly with your B2375DNF so rest assured that it will not cause any problems. Should you need any help, feel free to reach us at our customer service hotline 1-972-200-3813 or send us a direct message using our Live Chat.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

By following these easy steps, you will be able to replace the toner cartridge on the Dell LASER B2375DNF:

  1. Open your Dell printer's front cover.
  2. Select the toner cartridge that you wish to replace, and then lift it out of the machine.
  3. Unbox the replacement cartridge. Then, peel off the packing tape and rock the cartridge back and forth several times.
  4. With the use of the handle, slide the cartridge firmly inside until it locks into place.
  5. Close the front cover. Your Dell LASER B2375DNF is now available for everyday use.

Frequently Asked Questions

I got a blank page when a print job was sent to my Dell Laser B2375DNF. What could be the problem?

If you got a blank page, it's highly likely that the toner cartridge has run out of ink completely. Remove the empty toner cartridge and replace it with a new one immediately to resume printing.

The incoming faxes are only saved in the memory and not printed. Why is that so?

If the incoming faxes are only saved in the memory and not printed, chances are the toner cartridge is totally empty. Get a new cartridge and install it right away.

What should I do if toner gets on my clothing?

If toner gets on your clothing, wipe the toner off with a dry cloth and wash your clothes in cold water.