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Deskjet 920

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Start printing your most precious photos with the HP Deskjet 920. This color inkjet printer produces terrific-looking images with sharp, bright colors and supports various media types including banners, photo paper, and greeting cards. It uses only two cartridges, so it’s not as bulky as the other inkjet printers that you know. When it starts to run low on ink, you don’t need to look far for replacement ink cartridge—Inkjets has got you covered! We’ve been providing households and businesses with high-quality but affordable remanufactured ink cartridges for over 20 years now. Purchase our remanufactured HP 78 and HP 15 for your Deskjet 920 here today!

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

Here’s how to replace the ink cartridge on the HP Deskjet 920:


  1. Verify that the out tray is down. If your printer has a fold-up tray, make sure it is down.
  2. Turn on the printer and open the top cover. The ink cradle will move to the center of the printer.
  3. Raise the cradle latch and remove the cartridge you wish to replace.
  4. Take the new cartridge out of its wrapper and remove the plastic tape. Do not touch the copper contacts or ink nozzles.
  5. Place the new cartridge firmly into the cradle and secure the cradle latch.
  6. Close the top cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I take extra caution not to touch the copper-colored contacts or the ink nozzles?

When installing a new ink cartridge, you should take extra caution in handling the cartridge. Never touch the copper-colored contacts or the ink nozzles because touching these parts may lead to ink failure, clogs, and bad electrical connections.


What will happen if I fail to remove the plastic tape from the new ink cartridge during installation?

If you fail to remove the plastic tape from the new ink cartridge during installation, your HP printer will not recognize it, so you’ll get a blank printed page.


Where do I install the tri-color ink cartridge inside the HP Deskjet 920?

When installing a new tri-color ink cartridge into the HP Deskjet 920, make sure you place it in the slot on the left.

Cartridges compatible with your HP Deskjet 920 Printer

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