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Deskjet 920C

Cartridge prices starting at $22.95

The high cost of original HP ink cartridges can sure take a toll on your budget over time, so why not choose affordable replacement ink cartridges for your HP Deskjet 920C? Our remanufactured HP ink cartridges are guaranteed to work on your Deskjet 920C or your money back. Yes, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price within a year of purchase. That’s how confident we are with the quality of our products! So, say goodbye to expensive OE HP ink cartridges, and say hello to Inkjets affordable but high-quality remanufactured HP 15 and HP 78!

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

Here are the steps to replacing the ink cartridge on the HP Deskjet 920C:


  1. Make sure that the out tray and the fold-up tray are down.
  2. Press the Power button to turn on the Deskjet 920C and open the top cover. Wait until the ink cartridge cradle moves to the center of the printer.
  3. Raise the cradle latch and remove the cartridge that needs replacement.
  4. Unpack the new cartridge and remove the plastic tape. Make sure not to touch the copper contacts or ink nozzles.
  5. Insert the new cartridge into the correct slot and press down until it locks into place.
  6. Close the top cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


I’m going to install new ink cartridges on my HP Deskjet 920C. In which slots should I place the black and tri-color ink cartridges?

If you are installing new ink cartridges on the HP Deskjet 920C, be sure to insert the black ink cartridge in the slot on the right and the tri-color ink cartridge in the slot on the left.


I’m getting the HP 15 & HP 78 Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 3-Piece Combo Pack, so how do I make sure the spare HP 15 cartridge lasts in storage?

We highly recommend that you keep the spare HP 15 remanufactured ink cartridge sealed in its original packaging and store it in a cool, dry place.


Up to how long can I store the unused remanufactured ink cartridge?

Our remanufactured ink cartridges have a shelf life of 18 to 24 months.

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