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Deskjet 9650

Cartridge prices starting at $11.95

For everyday quality prints from your HP Deskjet 9650 printer, Inkjets.com offers compatible replacement ink cartridges for home and office use. Available ink cartridges include the HP 56 (C6656AN) black ink cartridge, the HP 58 (C6658AN) photo ink cartridge, and the HP 57 (C6657AN) tri-color ink cartridge. Buy these compatible remanufactured ink cartridges and you'll enjoy discounts of up to 61% off.

For ultimate value for money, three-piece combo packs are also available in two variants. One variant includes two HP 56 (C6656AN) black ink cartridges and one HP 57 (C6657AN) tri-color ink cartridge, while the other comes with all three HP 56 (C6656AN) black, HP 58 (C6658AN) photo, and HP 57 (C6657AN) tri-color ink cartridges.

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How To Replace Cartridge(s)

Replacing ink cartridges for your HP Deskjet 9650? It's easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the printer and open top cover. Wait for ink cartridge carriage to move to the center.
  2. Life ink cartridge carriage latch.
  3. Hold the top of the old ink cartridge. Slide it out of its cradle.
  4. Remove new ink cartridge from packaging. Remove protective covering from the new ink cartridge.
  5. Slide new ink cartridge into its corresponding cradle, copper contacts facing the printer.
  6. Push down ink cartridge carriage latch until it snaps close.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ink cartridges should I get for my HP Deskjet 9650 printer?

For four-ink color printing, install the compatible HP 56 (C6656AN) black and HP 57 (C6657AN) tri-color ink cartridges. For six-ink color printing, install the HP 58 (C6658AN) photo and HP 57 (C6657AN) tri-color ink cartridges. Photo ink cartridges will go in the same slot used by black ink cartridges.

How to store ink cartridges?

Don't remove a new ink cartridge from its packaging until it's time to install it. This will help prevent an ink cartridge from drying out. You can also use the HP Deskjet 9650's print cartridge protector.

Can I still print with just one ink cartridge?

Yes. However, printing may be slower and print quality may be affected.

Cartridges compatible with your HP Deskjet 9650 Printer

Remanufactured HP 56 Ink Cartridge Black (C6656AN)

450 Page Yield

Regular Price: $18.95

(37% OFF)

Special Price $11.95

- +

Remanufactured HP 57 Ink Cartridge Tri-Color (C6657AN)

400 Page Yield

Regular Price: $26.95

(26% OFF)

Special Price $19.95

- +

Remanufactured HP 58 Ink Cartridge Photo (C6658AN)

140 Page Yield

Regular Price: $24.95

(8% OFF)

Special Price $22.95

- +

Remanufactured HP 56 & 57 Ink Cartridge 3-Piece Combo Pack

$12.32 per Cartridge

Regular Price: $81.90

(48% OFF)

Special Price $42.95

3 Pieces $12.32 EACH
- +

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