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Deskjet F4480

Cartridge prices starting at $22.95

Inkjets.com is your source of high-quality remanufactured HP Deskjet F4480 ink cartridges. Enjoy excellent print quality and performance at a low price We also provide free shipping for orders over $30 and a 1-year money-back guarantee with free returns.

With the HP Deskjet F4480 printer, you can have high quality and crisp 22 pages per minute. For more convenience, you can use it as a scanner and photocopier. It also comes with an automatic low-ink alert so you don't have to second guess if you have ink remaining. Need to replace one of the ink cartridges soon? Then, get only high-quality replacements here at Inkjets.com.

Our Remanufactured HP 60XL High-Yield Ink Cartridges are designed and tested to work with your Deskjet F4480 to help you easily produce great results. These remanufactured versions cost far less than the originals, so you might think they're not as good as the OEMs. But, we're confident about their quality. That's why we offer a full-year warranty on these remanufactured cartridges with money-back guarantee.

Compatible ink for HP Deskjet F4480

The HP Deskjet F4480 uses HP 60XL ink cartridges.

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

Here's how to install a remanufactured HP Deskjet F4480 ink cartridge:

  1. You will find a slot at the front portion of your printer. Pull it towards you to open the front access.
  2. Carefully slide the cartridges to its correct color mark. You can skip this step if your printer is turned on. The device will automatically move the cartridges to the correct position.
  3. Press down on the empty cartridge to dislodge it from its slot. Once it is free, you can now pull it out.
  4. Push the new cartridge in and close the access panel door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ink streaks an indicator of low ink level?

Yes. If your printouts contain ink streaks, it could mean that one of the ink cartridges in your HP Deskjet F4480 is running low on ink.

Do I have to immediately replace the ink cartridge to get rid of the ink streaks?

Not necessarily. Ink streaks may be resolved by cleaning the printhead first. This step can help unclog the nozzles for improved print quality.

If I get your 5-piece combo pack, how do I ensure the unused remanufactured HP ink cartridges are kept in good condition?

If you have unused remanufactured HP ink cartridges, you must keep them sealed in their original packaging and store them at room temperature to preserve their condition.

Cartridges compatible with your HP Deskjet F4480 Printer

Remanufactured HP 60XL Ink Cartridge Black High-Yield (CC641WN)

600 Page Yield

Regular Price: $42.95

(47% OFF)

Special Price $22.95

- +

HP 60XL Remanufactured High-Yield Ink Cartridge 2-Piece Combo Pack

$21.48 per Cartridge

Regular Price: $119.95

(64% OFF)

Special Price $42.95

2 Pieces $21.48 EACH
- +

Remanufactured HP 60XL Ink Cartridge High-Yield 3-Piece Combo Pack

$21.65 per Cartridge

Regular Price: $135.95

(52% OFF)

Special Price $64.95

3 Pieces $21.65 EACH
- +

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