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If you're a proud owner of the Epson Expression ET-2700, then the reason why you probably got this printer is because it offers revolutionary cartridge-free printing with easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks. But when the genuine Epson ink bottles that came with the printer ran out of ink, you do have the option to choose cheaper replacement ink bottles, and we've got them right here. We offer a 4-Piece Combo Pack of compatible replacements for Epson T502 ink bottles, and it includes 1 black T502120-S, cyan T502220-S, magenta T502320-S, and yellow T502420-S ink bottles. These compatible versions are refilled with premium-quality ink that is guaranteed to replace Epson ink without sacrificing quality and performance or your money back. Feel free to check out our listing and add your desired item to your cart for fast and hassle-free online transaction.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

This simple guide will help you in refilling the ink tanks on the Epson Expression ET-2700:

  1. Check if the power of the ET-2700 is turned on, and then raise the scanner unit.
  2. To access the ink tanks, open the ink tank cover.
  3. Open the cap for the ink tank with ink that's below the lower line.
  4. Prepare the replacement ink bottle by removing it from its packaging.
  5. Make sure to hold the ink bottle upright while turning its cap.
  6. Look for the ink tank that matches the color of the ink bottle.
  7. Align the top of the ink bottle with the filling port. Carefully stand the bottle up to insert it.
  8. Wait until the tank is filled with ink to the upper line. Remember not to squeeze the bottle.
  9. Once the ink stops flowing, remove the ink bottle and close the ink tank cap. Set the bottle aside for future use.
  10. Repeat steps 3 to 9 if you wish to refill the other ink tanks.
  11. Close the ink tank cover followed by the scanner unit. Your machine is now ready for regular use.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting too light printouts. Does this mean I have to replace the ink cartridge on my Epson Expression ET-2700 soon?

Not necessarily. When the printouts become too light, it could be due to clogged printhead nozzles. Perform a cleaning cycle to resolve the issue.

I was not able to fill the ink tanks all the way. If I use the printer, would this cause any problem in the future?

Not at all. You may continue printing even if one or more ink tanks are not filled to the brim.

Until when can I use the ink inside the new Compatible Epson T502 Ink Bottles?

Our Compatible Epson T502 Ink Bottles can last up to 24 months in storage. Be sure to use the ink on your ET-2700 by then.