Stylus C64

Stylus C64

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The Epson Stylus C64 effectively combines ultra-fast true black and color print performance and superb print quality, thanks to its enhanced 5,760 dpi print technology and fast print speeds of up to 17 pages per minute for black and 9 pages per minute for color. It supports several paper types, including plain paper, premium semi-gloss photo paper, and large-format sizes up to 10 by 15 inches. And since it comes with convenient individual ink cartridges, getting a replacement ink cartridge is made easy. Choose from our remanufactured Epson ink cartridges and enjoy savings of up to 25%. You may purchase our Epson 32 Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge by placing your order online or by phone.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here’s how to install the ink cartridge on the Epson Stylus C64:


  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Lower the output tray, pull out the extension, and open the printer cover.
  3. Press the ink button and wait until the print cartridge holder moves to the accessible position.
  4. Open the cartridge cover and pinch the tab of the cartridge that needs replacement and lift it out of the printer.
  5. Get the new ink cartridge package and shake it four or five times. Then, remove it from the package.
  6. Lower the cartridge into the correct holder and gently push it down until it is firmly seated.
  7. Close the cartridge cover.
  8. Close the printer cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I still print with the Epson Stylus C64 if one of the ink cartridges is empty?

No. You cannot print if one of the ink cartridges is empty. So, replace the ‘problem’ cartridge first to resume printing.


I just installed new remanufactured ink cartridges on my Epson printer. Up to how long can I use them?

Use the new remanufactured ink cartridges within six months of installing them into your Epson printer or before the expiration date on the package.


How would I know if one of the ink cartridges is empty?

When one of the ink cartridges is empty, you will notice that the red ink light on the printer panel stays on.