Stylus NX215

Stylus NX215

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Print stacks of borderless photos fast and easy with the Epson Stylus NX215. With fast print speeds of up to 32 ppm black and 15 ppm color, this color inkjet all-in-one printer allows you to get things done in as little time as possible. And since it features superior image enhancement tools, restoring color to old, faded photos before printing has never been easier and more hassle-free. Want to enjoy extra savings while you print? Then, switch to more affordable replacement Epson ink cartridges. Inkjets offers high-quality but low-priced remanufactured Epson 68 and 69 ink cartridges that allow you to save up to 70% off the cost of OEMs. Feel free to give us a call or send a message via our Live Chat feature if you've got any questions.

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  1. Epson 68 4-Pack High Yield Remanufactured Ink Cartridges
    Remanufactured Epson 68 Ink Cartridge 4-Pack High-Yield
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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replace the ink cartridge on the Epson Stylus NX215 by following these steps:


  1. Make sure that your Stylus NX215 is turned on.
  2. Open the scanner and the ink cartridge cover.
  3. Pinch the tab on the old ink cartridge, and then lift it up to remove it from the printer.
  4. Carefully rock the new ink cartridge package back and forth, and then pull the cartridge out of its packaging.
  5. Remove the yellow protective tape from the cartridge.
  6. Install the new ink cartridge into the printer, and press down on it until it snaps into position.
  7. Close the cartridge cover, and then close the scanner.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to replace the ink cartridges on my Epson Stylus NX215 when the printouts are faint or have gaps in them?

Printouts that are faint or have gaps in them could mean one of two things: clogged printhead nozzles or low ink cartridge levels. Verify if the nozzles are clogged or the ink cartridges are low on ink and take action accordingly.


My Epson printer won't clean the printhead. Why is that so?

Your Epson printer won't be able to clean the printhead if one of the ink cartridges is empty or running low. Replace the 'problem' cartridge first before you continue.


What is the difference between the Epson 68 and 69 ink cartridges?

The Epson 68 ink cartridge is the high-yield version while the Epson 69 cartridge is the standard ink cartridge. The former contains more ink and yields more pages, so it's highly recommended for large-volume print jobs.