Stylus NX400

Stylus NX400

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Stock up on our high-quality remanufactured Epson Stylus NX400 ink cartridges, available at very low prices. Order now and enjoy exceptional print quality, friendly customer service, and 1-year money-back guarantee

With the Epson Stylus NX400, you can view and edit your favourite pictures without using a computer or laptop. All you need to use is its intuitive LCD display and you can have your photos ready for printing in no time. This Stylus printer also promotes another cable-free printing experience via its memory card slots. To capture every pigment of your photo, this printer houses four individual ink cartridges. This offers low-cost maintenance as it allows you to replace only the specific cartridge that needs replacement.

And if it's more affordable replacement Epson Stylus NX400 ink cartridges that you need, we've got them right here at Inkjets. Whether you need the Remanufactured Epson 68 or Epson 69 ink cartridges, we've got you covered. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee because want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Shop risk-free here now!

Compatible ink for Epson Stylus NX400

The Epson Stylus NX400 uses Epson 68 and Epson 69 ink cartridges.

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  1. Epson 69 Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 4-Pack Combo
    Epson 69 Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 4-Pack Combo
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    Includes 1 Epson 69 Black, 1 Epson 69 Cyan, 1 Epson 69 Magenta, and 1 Epson 69 Yellow Remanufactured Ink Cartridges.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow this easy step-by-step guide to replacing a remanufactured Epson Stylus NX400 ink cartridge:

  1. Start by turning on your Epson Stylus NX400.
  2. Open the scanner while being careful not to touch the white cable inside.
  3. Press the Stop button, and then wait until the printhead moves to the access area.
  4. Check if there are still more cartridges needed to be replaced by pushing the Stop button again.
  5. Squeeze the tab on the empty ink cartridge. Then, slide it out of the machine.
  6. Do not forget to shake the replacement cartridge four or five times before you unpack it.
  7. Take the new ink cartridge out of its protective box and remove the yellow protective tape.
  8. Install the ink cartridge into its slot. Make sure that you hear it click into place.
  9. Close the scanner unit once the remaining cartridges are replaced.
  10. Start charging the ink by pressing the Stop button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I know if it's time to replace the Epson Stylus NX400 ink cartridge?

When the ink light on the control panel stays on, then that's the time you replace your Epson ink cartridge because it indicates an empty cartridge.

When should I get a replacement Epson ink cartridge?

You should get a replacement ink cartridge when you notice a flashing ink light on the control panel. This flashing ink light means the existing cartridge is running low on ink.

Are all orders qualified for the same-day shipping?

No, only orders placed before 3:00 PM PST on a regular business day are to be shipped the same day. If the order is placed beyond that, item will be shipped the next business day.