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The Epson TM-H6000IV is a multifunction point-of-sale (POS) printer that offers print speeds of up to 708.7 inches per minute, or up to 70 lines per second. Notable features include the drop-in-validation for deposit slips, checks, cashier checks and batch tickets, plus high-resolution graphics. To keep up with its high performance, make sure you have compatible ribbon cartridges on hand. can help you with this. Our Epson ERC-32B Compatible Black POS Ribbon Cartridges 6-Pack is guaranteed compatible with your Epson TM-H6000IV printer, offering sharp black output that is on par with its branded counterparts. The product comes with six ink ribbon cartridges covered by a solid 1-year warranty. Get it today and enjoy up to 39% discount, plus free shipping for orders worth and up.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Don't let your Epson TM-H6000IV printer run empty of ink. Here's how you can easily install a new one:

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on. Using the tabs on both sides of the front cover, open the unit.
  2. Carefully take out the used ink ribbon cartridge. Remove any slack in the ribbon by turning the knob on the ribbon cartridge a little. The direction is marked by the arrow on the cartridge.
  3. Unwrap the new ink ribbon cartridge from its package.
  4. Insert the new ink ribbon cartridge until it clicks into place. Make sure to turn the knob in the marked direction on the cartridge again. This removes any slack in the ribbon.
  5. Close the front cover and you're ready for printing again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are compatible ink ribbon cartridges safe to use with my Epson TM-H6000IV printer?

Yes, they are.'s Epson ERC-32B Compatible Black POS Ribbon Cartridges are guaranteed compatible with this model. They follow the design and specifications of the branded versions, but are also more affordable and eco-friendly.

Can you tell me more about shipping details? can ship your orders on the same day just as long as the transaction is completed by 3pm Pacific Time, barring Fridays, weekends and holidays. If your orders amount to $30 and up, we'll ship them for free.

How do compatible ink ribbon cartridges benefit me?

You can get more printing done while enjoying more savings.'s replacement ink ribbon cartridges offer the same quality print results as OEM versions and come with a cool 1-year warranty/free returns for your peace of mind.