WorkForce ET-4750

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Getting a well-rounded and fancy printer such as the Epson Workforce ET-4750 Ecotank for the office can be expensive. But buying expensive ink whenever you need a refill is a different and costly story.

Here at, we’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible alternatives for their usual genuine name-brand inks. Our Epson T502 (T502120-S) Compatible Black Ink Bottle is of the same high-quality ink and page yield as an original bottle. Produce vibrant and vivid prints, whether in color or in black and white, with our complete CMYK range that’s guaranteed compatible with your machine.

Our 20 years’ worth of experience in the remanufactured ink is your assurance that our products are of top quality and that our customer service is 100% reliable. If you have inquiries about a specific ink or printer, feel free to reach us by calling our hotline or using our chat service on the site.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Before you begin the refilling of ink tanks, make sure that the machine is powered on.
  2. Lift the scanner unit. Open the ink tank cover and then open the cap of the ink tank you need to refill.
  3. Take the new ink bottle upright and then carefully remove the cap. Avoid shaking or squeezing the bottle.
  4. Position the top of the ink of the bottle along the slot in front of the filling port. Then, carefully stand the bottle up to insert it.
  5. Allow the ink to fill the tank and avoid squeezing the bottle. The ink will flow into the tank and will automatically stop when the ink is filled to the upper line.
  6. Remove the ink bottle and replace its cap when the ink tank is full.
  7. When you’re finished refilling all the empty tanks, close the scanner unit.


Frequently Asked Questions


How many pages can I get from this ink?


Our Epson T502 (T502120-S) Compatible Black Ink Bottle can print up to 7,500 pages, while the Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow variants each have a page yield of 6,000. Please note that an ink bottle’s page yield may vary depending on frequency of printing, printer settings, and type of paper you use.


Is this ink compatible with other Epson printers?


Yes. This ink works with the following Epson printer models:  EXPRESSION ET-2700, EXPRESSION ET-2750, EXPRESSION ET-3700, WORKFORCE ET-2700 ECOTANK, WORKFORCE ET-2750 ECOTANK, WORKFORCE ET-3700 ECOTANK, WORKFORCE ET-3750 ECOTANK, and WORKFORCE ET-4750 ECOTANK. If your machine is listed in here, you may use this ink.


What should I do when ink gets on my skin?


In the event ink gets on your skin, wash it immediately with soap and water. If it gets into your eyes, please flush it immediately with clean water. Seek medical attention if any problems persist.