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Deskjet 3636

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If you need HP DeskJet 3636 ink, Inkjets.com is the best option! We offer affordable remanufactured ink cartridges for your printer. Each remanufactured ink cartridge in our catalog promises to deliver exceptional printing results or you get your money back.

The HP Deskjet 3636 is a stylish printer to have on your desk. Although its design is uniquely different, this printer is capable of completing your daily printing tasks. For black and white documents, it can produce a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. Color prints, on the other hand, can have 4800 x 1200 dpi. Use our remanufactured HP Deskjet 3636 ink cartridges and save as much as 40% on high-quality ink.

There's really no point in spending so much money just to get superb print quality and high printing performance if our remanufactured versions can very much deliver the same at a fraction of the cost. And with our 1-year money-back guarantee in place, you'd never have to hesitate buying these more economical alternatives.

Compatible ink for HP DeskJet 3636

The HP DeskJet 3636 uses HP 63XL ink cartridges.

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

Here are the steps to installing a new ink cartridge into the HP Deskjet 3636:

  1. Press the power button to turn on the HP Deskjet 3636.
  2. Load plain white paper in the input tray, and then close the output tray extender.
  3. Now, turn the output tray clockwise to stow it in the printer. Then, open the printer's front door.
  4. To gain access to the old ink cartridges, open the ink cartridge cover. Wait until the ink cartridge carrier moves to the center of the printer.
  5. Press down on the empty cartridge and pull it out of its slot.
  6. Unpack the replacement ink cartridge and use the pull tab to remove the plastic tape from it.
  7. Insert the cartridge into the open slot and push it forward until it locks into place.
  8. Close the ink cartridge door followed by the printer's front door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the HP Deskjet 3636 prints an alignment page automatically whenever a new ink cartridge is installed?

The HP Deskjet 3636 prints an alignment page automatically whenever a new ink cartridge is installed in order to provide the best print quality.

What are the correct positions of the ink cartridges inside the Deskjet 3636?

The tri-color ink cartridge should be installed into the left slot, and the black ink cartridge should be inserted into the right slot.

Can I avail of free shipping if my shipping location is in Alaska?

Unfortunately no. Our free shipping offer is applicable only to orders shipping to the continental US.

Cartridges compatible with your HP Deskjet 3636 Printer

Remanufactured HP 63XL Ink Cartridge Black High-Yield (F6U64AN)

480 Page Yield

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Remanufactured HP 63XL Ink Cartridge Color High-Yield (F6U63AN)

330 Page Yield

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HP 63XL High-Yield Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 3-Piece Combo Pack


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3 Pieces $19.98 EACH
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