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The HP Business Inkjet 2230 is aimed at small-office business use. Yes, it's big and heavy, but it's sturdy and reliable; plus, it's fast, so it reduces the time you wait for those daily printing jobs and other tasks to get done. And since it uses separate ink cartridges, it offers low-cost and hassle-free maintenance. Find more affordable deals on replacement HP ink cartridges right here at Inkjets. Whether it's the Remanufactured HP 10 (C4844A), HP 11 (C4836AN), HP 11 (C4837AN), or HP 11 (C4838AN) that you need, we sure got you covered. Place your order with us now and enjoy free ground shipping within the contiguous US for a minimum purchase of .

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replacing the ink cartridge on the HP Business Inkjet 2230 is easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Turn on your HP Business Inkjet 2230.
  2. To remove the ink cartridge that needs replacement, squeeze it between your thumb and forefinger and pull it straight up and out of the printer.
  3. Remove the replacement ink cartridge from its packaging.
  4. Make sure to remove the shipping tape from the new cartridge before installing it into the printer.
  5. Insert the new cartridge into the empty slot. The color on the label of the cartridge must match the color on the slot.
  6. To keep the ink cartridge secured in its position, push it down lightly.
  7. Close the ink cartridge cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just replaced the empty ink cartridges on my HP Business Inkjet 2230, but why is it that nothing is printed?

If nothing is printed even after installing a new set of ink cartridges, chances are the new cartridges are not properly installed or the shipping tapes were not yet removed from the cartridges. Remove each cartridge from the printer first and remove the tape if necessary before reinstalling it.

Lines are missing from the printed graphics and text. Does this mean I have to replace the ink cartridge soon?

Not necessarily. Missing lines from the printouts may be resolved by cleaning the printhead.

Are remanufactured HP ink cartridges safe to use?

Yes, definitely! All our remanufactured HP ink cartridges, including the HP 10 (C4844A) black, HP 11 (C4837AN) magenta, HP 11 (C4836AN) cyan, and HP 11 (C4838AN) yellow ink cartridges, are rebuilt to OE standards, so they are guaranteed to fit and work with your HP Business Inkjet 2200XI and won't void its warranty.