Deskjet 5440

Deskjet 5440

Cartridge prices starting at $12.95 offers high-quality remanufactured HP Deskjet 5440 ink cartridge at super low prices. Get free shipping on orders over $30, quick delivery and one-year warranty. Shop now and use our coupon code BETTERINK for additional discounts!

The HP Deskjet 5440 is a popular choice for people who want their photos to look remarkably crisp and vivid, whether they're printing in color or in black & white. This machine is also capable of auto-red eye removal and adaptive lighting, and has a printing speed of 21ppm.

Always make sure that your photos look stellar and register in impeccable resolution with our HP 99 (C9369WN) Remanufactured Photo Ink Cartridge. You can also pair it up with our HP 92 (C9362WN) Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge for stunning monochrome photos. If you want to save further on a per cartridge basis, you can avail our HP 92 & 93 Remanufactured 3-Piece Combo Pack.

All our products come with a 1-year warranty and you can be sure that our lines are always open to answer any queries about quality and compatibility issues.

Compatible ink for HP Deskjet 5440

The HP Deskjet 5440 uses HP 92 and HP 93 ink cartridges.

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  1. HP 92 & 93 Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 4-Pack
    HP 92 & 93 Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 4-Pack
    Includes 3 HP 92 Black (C9362WN) and 1 HP 93 Tri-Color (C9361WN) remanufactured ink cartridges. Learn More
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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow these steps to install a remanufactured HP Deskjet 5440 ink cartridge:

  1. Power on the printer and then open the printer cover. Wait for the print cartridge cradle to move to the right side of the printer and to go idle.
  2. Press down on the used print cartridge and then remove it out of the cradle.
  3. Take the new ink cartridge out of its packaging and peel off the plastic tape. Remember not to touch the copper-colored contacts and ink nozzles to avoid ink failures and bad electrical connections.
  4. Carefully slide the new ink cartridge into its slot into the printer and push until it clicks into place. Repeat this process if you need to replace more than one ink cartridge.
  5.  Close the printer cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the page yield of this ink?

Our HP 92 (C9362WN) Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge and HP 93 (C9361WN) Remanufactured Tri-Color Ink Cartridge both have a page yield of 220, while our HP 99 (C9369WN) Remanufactured Photo Ink Cartridge can print up to 130 pages. Please note that an ink cartridge's yield is subject to change especially if you print frequently.

Is it recommended to stock up on ink?

It is advisable to stock up on ink especially if you print often. You can help preserve the ink's quality, store unopened boxes in a cool, dry place and away from direct heat and sunlight. In addition, open an ink cartridge box when you're ready to use as exposure to air and other elements can dry up the ink.

What HP printer series is this ink work with?

This ink is compatible with certain models from HP Deskjet Series, HP Photosmart Series, HP PSC Series, and HP Officejet Series. Please feel free to call our hotline or send us a message via web chat if you require specific information about the ink and its compatible printers.