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The HP Deskjet 895CXI is a revolutionary office machine that has the ruggedness to handle difficult jobs in a work environment. Its versatility, productivity, fast performance, and legendary HP reliability make it a must for every business. But the biggest drawback in using this machine is its running cost. Genuine replacement HP ink cartridges are extremely costly. Good thing, there are cheaper alternatives and you can find them right here at Inkjets. Our Remanufactured HP 45 Black and HP 23 Tri-Color Ink Cartridges cost up to 70% less than the OEMs but work and fits exactly like the genuine ones or your money back. Order now from the comfort of your home or office and we'll deliver it to you fast!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here's a step-by-step guide to replacing the ink cartridge on the HP Deskjet 895CXI:

  1. Make sure that your HP Deskjet 895CXI is turned on.
  2. Open the top cover. Then, wait until the ink cartridge cradle moves to the center of the printer.
  3. Lift up the cradle latch from the top of the used ink cartridge. Then, remove the cartridge from the cradle.
  4. Unpack the new ink cartridge and gently pull the protective vinyl tape out of the cartridge.
  5. Push the toner cartridge firmly into the cradle until it clicks into place. Then, close the toner cartridge latch.
  6. Close the top cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue printing with my HP Deskjet 895CXI with only one ink cartridge installed?

No. You must install both the black and the tri-color ink cartridges for your Deskjet 895CXI to work.

Why should I keep the ink cartridges in their cradles even if I am not going to use my Deskjet 895CXI for some time?

You should keep the ink cartridges in their cradles to keep them from getting clogged or drying out.

I'm getting the HP 45 & HP 23 Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 3-Piece Combo Pack to take advantage of your free shipping. How many days will it take for my order to arrive?

Our free shipping offer is available for orders shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states and is via standard shipping only, which usually takes 3 to 8 business days.