Deskjet D2660

Deskjet D2660

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No need to second guess whether your HP Deskjet D2660 needs a new ink cartridge or not, thanks to its automatic low-ink alerts. So, have a new ink cartridge ready right when you need it. Here at, you can find a wide selection of replacement ink cartridges, all at very reasonable prices. For the Deskjet D2660, we carry the Remanufactured HP 60 Black and Tri-Color Ink Cartridges. All our remanufactured HP cartridges are designed to work just as good as their OEM counterparts and offer the same page yield and reliable performance. Call us to place your order today, or chat with us if you've got any questions about our products.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here are the steps to replacing the ink cartridge on the HP Deskjet D2660:


  1. Press the Power button to turn on the printer.
  2. Load unused, plain white letter or A4-sized paper in the tray.
  3. Open the cartridge access door. Wait until the carriage is idle and silent before you proceed.
  4. Press down on the cartridge to release it, and then pull it out of its slot.
  5. Remove the new cartridge from its packaging, and gently remove the plastic tape on the cartridge by pulling the colored pull tab.
  6. Slide the new print cartridge at a slight upward angle into the empty slot.
  7. Push on the upper part of the print cartridge forward until it snaps into place.
  8. Close the cartridge door.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can the HP Deskjet D2660 operate even with only one print cartridge?

Yes. Simply use the ink-backup mode to operate the HP Deskjet D2660 with only one print cartridge.


What is the advantage of getting the Remanufactured HP 60XL Black over the Remanufactured HP 60?

The Remanufactured HP 60XL Black Ink Cartridge contains more ink and prints more pages. So, if you've got a large-volume print job coming up, this is the better choice for you.


If I got the wrong cartridge, can I still cancel my order?

Yes, but only if the order has not been shipped. Simply contact our Customer Service Department at 1-972-200-3813 or email us at