HP ENVY 5531 Ink

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Few printers can provide the superior and reliable performance of the HP Envy 5531. It offers high-speed printing at 4800x1200 dpi optimized resolution, ensures a more convenient process with its mobile printing capabilities, and inspires smoother multitasking with its copy and scan features. But you'll want to use high-quality replacement ink cartridges with this device—and Inkjets.com have just the thing for you! Check out our HP 61XL Remanufactured High-Yield 5-Piece Combo Pack, which comes with three black cartridges offering 480-page yield each, and two color cartridges with 330 each. They'll take care of your complex print jobs and, at the same time, produce the sharpest and most brilliant output. And the price? Super affordable! Order this combo pack today and save up to 56%, and get free shipping.

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

Installing a new ink cartridge in your HP Envy 5531 printer won't take long at all. Here's how to do it:

  1. Check that the printer is on, then open the cartridge access door.
  2. Wait for the print carriage to move and stop at a more accessible position.
  3. Raise the lid of the used ink cartridge. Pull the old cartridge up and out of the slot.
  4. Take the new ink cartridge from its packaging. Pull off the plastic sealing tape using the tab.
  5. Slide the new ink cartridge into the empty slot at an angle.
  6. Squeeze the lid closed as the new cartridge slides into place.
  7. Close the cartridge access door.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do remanufactured ink cartridges benefit me?

The cartridges in our HP 61XL Remanufactured High-Yield 5-Piece Combo Pack are perfectly safe to use with your HP Envy 5531 printer, and won't affect its warranty. They're also budget-friendly, but can still produce crisp, professional-quality output.

Can you tell me more about product warranties?

Yep! Our remanufactured ink cartridges come with our exclusive 1-year warranty, 100% money-back guarantee and free returns for your greater peace of mind. Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority after all.

Do you offer same-day shipping?

We do! You'll have your remanufactured ink cartridges in no time because we offer fast, worry-free delivery and same-day shipping service. Complete your orders before 3pm Pacific Time, except Fridays, weekends and holidays, and we'll have them boxed and shipped same-day.

Cartridges compatible with your HP ENVY 5531 Printer

Remanufactured HP 61XL Ink Cartridge Color High-Yield (CH564WN)

330 Page Yield

Regular Price: $35.99

(28% OFF)

Special Price $25.95

- +

Remanufactured HP 61XL Ink Cartridge Black High-Yield (CH563WN)

480 Page Yield

Regular Price: $33.99

(12% OFF)

Special Price $29.95

- +

HP 61XL Remanufactured High-Yield Ink Cartridge 2-Piece Combo Pack

$24.98 per Cartridge

Regular Price: $89.95

(44% OFF)

Special Price $49.95

2 Pieces $24.98 EACH
- +

Remanufactured HP 61XL Ink Cartridge High-Yield 3-Piece Combo Pack

$21.98 per Cartridge

Regular Price: $103.97

(37% OFF)

Special Price $65.95

3 Pieces $21.98 EACH
- +

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