ENVY 5643

ENVY 5643

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The ENVY 5643 is made by HP. This all-in-one device increases productivity with its reliable features such as automatic document feeder, 125-sheet tray, and built-in wireless LAN. It can also exceptionally handle plain, photo, and inkjet types of paper. To maximize its use, make sure to replace any cartridge as soon as it runs out of ink. Replacement HP Envy 5643 ink cartridges are very much available here at Inkjets at the lowest prices. We know how expensive genuine HP ink cartridges could be, so we offer you these more economical alternatives to get more prints at a fraction of the cost. Check out our listing to find the Remanufactured HP 62XL Ink Cartridge that you need.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replace the ink cartridges on the HP ENVY 5643 e-All-in-One by following the easy step-by-step guide below:

  1. Make sure that plain white, unused paper is loaded in the paper tray.
  2. If your HP machine is not yet on, push the Power button.
  3. Once the machine is idle and quiet, open the ink cartridge access door by lifting it up.
  4. Gently push down on the ink cartridge that needs replacement to remove it from its slot.
  5. Unpack the new cartridge. Be careful to touch only the black plastic of the cartridge.
  6. Don't forget to peel off the yellow protective tape. Throw it along with the used ink cartridge.
  7. With the ink nozzles facing toward the printer, install the cartridge firmly into its designated slot until you hear an audible click.
  8. Close the ink cartridge access door. Then, push OK to start printing an alignment sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are XL ink cartridges a good choice for my HP Envy 5643?

The XL versions of ink cartridges make a good choice for your Envy 5643 because they provide better value in the long run.

Will I get free shipping if I order the HP 62XL Remanufactured High-Yield 2-Piece Combo Pack?

Yes. Orders $30 and up are eligible for free shipping if they are shipping to the continental US; otherwise, a shipping fee of $24.99 will apply.

Can I interchange the positions of the tri-color and black ink cartridges?

No. The tri-color ink cartridge must always go to the left slot and the black ink cartridge must go to the right slot. If their positions are interchanged, the printer will not recognize them and an error message will appear on the display.