LaserJet P1004

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The HP LaserJet P1004 printer is the perfect machine especially when it comes to beating deadlines. Get work done quickly with its 15-page per minute printing ability. It delivers sharp and quality output thanks to its 600dpi resolution. To further enjoy this kind of output, be sure to get superior toner replacement like the HP 35A (CB435A) Compatible Black Toner Cartridge, which is up to par with authentic HP products. Capable of 1,500-page yield, you will get the best value for your money with the HP 35A. If you want to get more out of your toner, we also have the Jumbo HP 35A (CB435A) Compatible Black Toner Cartridge. What are you waiting for? Order now!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replace your HP LaserJet P1004 toner with these easy steps.

  1. Turn the printer on and move the paper tray out of the way.
  2. Grab the edge of the access panel and lift it up to reveal the cartridge.
  3. Hold the toner cartridge and remove it from the printer.
  4. Remove the new toner cartridge from its packaging. Rock the new cartridge from side to side carefully to evenly redistribute its contents. Get rid of the paper that protects the drum and do the same for the shipping tape.
  5. Align the new cartridge with the rails on both sides and slide it into the printers opening. Be sure it is fixed firmly in place.
  6. Close the access door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the remanufactured cartridge different from the compatible cartridge?

A remanufactured cartridge is a used cartridge that has been systematically cleaned, repaired, and refilled by another manufacturer. On the other hand, a compatible cartridge is built from scratch or brand new but from a different manufacturer other than your printer.

What is the difference between the HP 35A (CB435A) Compatible Black Toner and the HP 35A (CB435A) Compatible Black Jumbo Toner Cartridge?

The HP 35A (CB435A) Compatible Black Jumbo Toner Cartridge has a bigger capacity and is capable of a 3,000-page yield, double that of the standard HP 35A.

What are the terms of your warranty?

We provide 1-year 100% money-back guarantee on all our products!