LaserJet P1007

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Sturdy and well-performing, the HP LaserJet P1007 can provide fast print speeds of up to 14 pages per minute. Its 600x600 dpi maximum resolution also allows for those clear, sharp prints you expect. And when looking for high-quality replacement toner cartridges, you only need to choose We have our bestselling HP 35A (CB435A) Compatible Black Toner Cartridges, which are available in standard and Jumbo capacities. At up to 3000-page yield, you won't need to worry about your printer running out of toner anytime soon. Add superior, OEM-like print resolution, plus an affordable price tag and you won't find a better deal anywhere else. Order today and enjoy up to 64% discount, plus free shipping for orders with a total of or more.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here's the fast and easy way to replace the toner cartridge in your HP LaserJet P1007 printer:

  1. Lift open the print cartridge door to access the toner cartridge.
  2. Remove the toner cartridge you want to replace by grabbing its handle and pulling it out of the printer.
  3. Unpack the new toner cartridge, then pull out its tab to completely remove the sealing tape.
  4. Using both hands, hold the new toner cartridge at the sides and rock it gently back and forth a few times. This way, the toner inside is distributed more evenly.
  5. Insert the new toner cartridge securely into the printer.
  6. Close the print cartridge door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are compatible toner cartridges safe to use with my HP LaserJet P1007 printer?

Yep, so don't worry. Compatible toner cartridges, like our HP 35A (CB435A) Black, follow the same design and specifications as their original versions. They have met stringent quality requirements, making them safe to use with this printer model without nullifying its warranties.

Are compatible toner cartridges really the better choice?

Given their many benefits, then yes! Compatible toner cartridges are more affordable than their OEM counterparts, but they can provide the same quality print results. So, it's actually possible to get the crisp, razor-sharp prints you want without making a dent in your budget.

What about warranties?

For you greater peace of mind, covers our compatible toner cartridges with a solid 1-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.