OfficeJet 5600

OfficeJet 5600

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Our remanufactured HP Officejet 5600 ink cartridges are filled with a premium quality ink blend that delivers exceptional printing performance. Enjoy discounts, free shipping on orders over $30 and a 1-year money-back guarantee. Order now!

With the HP Officejet 5600, you don't need to invest in other device to scan, fax or copy because it already has these functions. It even eases printing difficulties and make it more efficient due to its fast printing speed, maximum resolution, and connectivity options.

Replace old HP Officejet 5600 ink cartridges when they run out of ink. Inkjets offers cheaper alternatives to expensive genuine HP cartridges. A full-year warranty comes with every Remanufactured HP 22, 27, 56, and 58 Ink Cartridge that you buy for added peace of mind. Shop here now and get discounts of up to 50% on high-quality ink!

Compatible ink for HP Officejet 5600

The HP Officejet 5600 uses HP 22, HP 27, HP 56, and HP 58 ink cartridges.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here's how to install the remanufactured HP Officejet 5600 ink cartridges:

  1. On the upper left corner of your printer's control panel, you will find its power button. Push it to turn on the device.
  2. Lower the cartridge door and wait for the carriage holder to stay at the farthest right portion of the device.
  3. Press down the empty cartridge to release it from its chamber. Get the new cartridge and carefully remove its plastic tape.
  4. Slide the cartridge to the slot. Remember that tri-color cartridges should be placed into the left slot while black cartridges should in the right. Raise the cartridge cover until it is closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting blurred copies and scans. Does this mean I have to replace the HP Officejet 5600 ink cartridge?

Not necessarily. If you are getting blurred copies and scans, you may just have to clean the glass and lid backing to remove surface dust.

What to do when I start experiencing print quality problems?

If you start experiencing problems with printing, you must check for clogged nozzles by printing a self-test report. If the report shows gaps or missing lines, then there are indeed clogged nozzles. Perform a standard printhead cleaning until the report shows acceptable print quality.

How much is the shipping fee on orders below $30?

For orders below $30 and shipping to US contiguous states, the shipping fee is $3.95. While for orders shipping to non-contiguous US, the shipping fee is $24.99.