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Sleek, stylish and well-performing, the HP OfficeJet H470bwt mobile printer can provide print resolution of up to 4800x1200 dpi. Other notable features include borderless printing and energy-efficient performance that meets ENERGY STAR qualifications. Now about its ink—make sure you always have extra cartridges in case the printer runs out. But if you don't, you only need to turn to Inkjets.com. We have the HP 94 & 95 Remanufactured 3-Piece Combo Pack, which comes with two black cartridges offering 480-page yield, and one tri-color unit that can provide up to 330. Our multipack makes every print job a smoother, better process with its page yield, while delivering the high-quality print results found in OEMs. But the clincher is its affordable price tag and solid warranty coverage. Order now and get up to 68% off, plus free shipping if you order two.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Make ink cartridge replacement for your HP OfficeJet H470bwt mobile printer easier by following these handy steps:

  1. With the printer switched on, open its front access cover. Wait for the print carriage to move to its replacement position.
  2. Lift open the cartridge latch and gently remove the used ink cartridge from its slot.
  3. Take the new ink cartridge out of its packaging. Use the pull tab to remove the protective film from the cartridge.
  4. Insert the new ink cartridge the same angle you removed the previous one. Close the latch to push the cartridge firmly into its slot. Make sure the latch is seated flat on the cartridge.
  5. Close the front access cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is page yield?

This refers to the number of printed pages an ink cartridge can produce. You should, however, expect that number to vary based on several factors, including the resolution settings of your HP OfficeJet H470bwt mobile printer, frequency of use and type of paper.

Is it better to get ink cartridges with high page yield?

Yes! The HP 94 & 95 Remanufactured 3-Piece Combo Pack offered by Inkjets.com, for instance, comes with two black units, which offer 480-page yield each, and one tri-color unit that can provide up to 330. If you're using the printer fairly often, these cartridges ensure you won't be running out of ink anytime soon.

How soon do I get my remanufactured ink cartridges?

Fairly soon, actually. Inkjets.com offers fast delivery and same-day shipping for orders placed by 3pm Pacific Time, except Fridays, weekends and holidays.