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The HP PhotoSmart 245xi is one of the most convenient photo printers produced by Hewlett Packard. This printer is designed to deliver crisp and vivid prints using photo paper and even plain paper. Also making it user-friendly are the easy-to-access controls and its preview screen. If you are looking for replacement ink cartridge for this photo printer you are in the right place! The HP 57 (C6657AN) Remanufactured Tri-Color Ink Cartridge is the perfect replacement option for the PhotoSmart 245xi. You can get a lot of savings with this product because it already consists of three colors: magenta, cyan, and yellow. With Carrot Ink quality is always assured so, buy now!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replace your HP PhotoSmart 245xi ink in five easy steps:

  1. Turn on the printer and open the print carriage door.
  2. Wait for the print carriage to stop moving and rest in the access area.
  3. Press the tab of the used ink cartridge and slowly pull it out of the printer.
  4. Take the new ink cartridge out of is packaging. Take off the seal on the nozzle but in doing so, be sure not to touch the nozzle or the copper contacts to avoid future printing and electrical problems.
  5. Insert the new ink cartridge inside the carriage and push until it snaps into place.
  6. Close the printer carriage door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I helping the environment when I use remanufactured ink cartridge?

Yes indeed! For every remanufactured ink cartridge means one less trash to reach the sanitary landfills. It also means less use of raw materials like plastic and metal.

How much does shipping cost for the HP 57 (C6657AN) Remanufactured Tri-Color Ink Cartridge?

Carrot Ink's shipping fee can go as low as $3.95! If you want bigger savings, we also offer free shipping if your purchase reaches $40 or above.

Is it alright to use remanufactured ink cartridge in my HP PhotoSmart 245xi?

Of course! Keep in mind that remanufactured ink cartridges undergo strict remanufacturing process to ensure reliability and excellent quality.