PhotoSmart C4435

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The HP Photosmart C4435 is an all in one multifunction color printer with copying and scanning functionality. It features a print speed of up to 27 pages per minute in monochrome and 21 pages per minute in color at a maximum resolution of 1200 dpi, ensuring quality for all your projects. Match this quality by buying printing supplies from Products like our HP 74XL & 75XL Remanufactured High-Yield 3-Piece Combo Pack are just as good as, if not better than, genuine HP supplies, without the bank-breaking price. Enjoy affordable quality that will let you print and copy anytime. Shop with us today and let us save you money.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Make sure the product is turned on.
  2. Make sure you have letter or A4 unused plain white paper loaded in the input tray.
  3. Open the print cartridge door. The print carriage moves to the far right side of the product.
  4. Wait until the print carriage is idle and silent. Lightly press down on a print cartridge to release it, and then pull the print cartridge toward you out of its slot. If you are replacing the tri-color print cartridge, remove the print cartridge from the slot on the left. If you are replacing the black or photo print cartridge, remove the print cartridge from the slot on the right.
  5. Remove the new print cartridge from its packaging and, being careful to touch only the black plastic, gently remove the plastic tape by using the pink pull tab.
  6. Hold the print cartridge with the HP logo on top, and insert the new print cartridge into the empty cartridge slot. Make sure you push the print cartridge in firmly until it snaps into place. If you are installing the tri-color print cartridge, slide it into the left slot. If you are installing a black or photo print cartridge, slide it into the right slot.
  7. Close the print cartridge door. When prompted, press OK. The product prints a print cartridge alignment page.
  8. Load the page print side down on the right front corner of the glass, and then press OK to scan the page.
  9. When the On button stops flashing, the alignment is complete. Remove the alignment page and recycle it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages can this print before needing replacement?

Our HP 74XL (CB336WN) Remanufactured Black High-Yield Ink Cartridge can print up to 750 pages, our HP 75XL (CB338WN) Remanufactured Tri-Color High-Yield Ink Cartridge can print up to 520 pages, and our HP 99 (C9369WN) Remanufactured Photo Ink Cartridge can print up to 130 pages. Final page count will vary with the settings used on your machine.

How long is your warranty valid for?

Our warranty is valid for one year from your date of purchase. Within that time, we'll give your money back, no questions asked, if you aren't satisfied with our products.

If I buy extra toner, are the cartridges going to last in storage?

Our cartridges available for this machine are good to stay in storage for 18 to 24 months. We suggest keeping them in their original packaging until use, and storing them in a cool, dry place that's out of direct sunlight.