ESP C310

ESP C310

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The Kodak ESP C310 All-In-One is an affordable, multifunction printer that provides high quality photos and texts. It's easy to use and helps save on energy. It also offers wireless connectivity that allows you to print from anywhere, whether it's from your computer or your phone.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Switch on your Kodak Esp C310 printer. Simply plug its power cord to a power supply and press its power button.
  2. Raise the printer access door so your printer will activate the pritner head to a more accessible area.
  3. Wait for the printer head to stop.
  4. Take out the old cartridge by pinching its tab. As you hold the tab, carefully lift the cartridge out. Don't touch the cartridge's nozzles.
  5. Unwrap the new cartridge. You should remove the protective covering its contacts.
  6. Insert the replacement cartridge. Remember that black ink should go to the left while the color tank should be on the right.
  7. Push the cartridge down so it securely stays in place.
  8. Lower the access door.