Optra T610

Lexmark Optra T610 Toner

You can get up to 15 pages per minute with the Lexmark Optra T610. This wired monochrome laser printer can print on any type of media including business cards, envelopes, labels, plain paper, and transparencies. It is EPA Energy Star compliant so it is cost-efficient. Now, if you want to cut back on printing costs, go for our more affordable but high-quality Remanufactured Lexmark 12A5845. This high-yield version offers a lower cost per page as it can print up to 25,000 pages at 5% coverage. It also means less frequent replacement. Get one here now!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

The basic step-by-step guide below will help you in replacing the toner cartridge on the Lexmark Optra T610:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to open the upper front door by pushing the release latch.
  2. Pull the old toner cartridge out of the T610 with the use of the hand grip.
  3. Lift the replacement cartridge straight out of its protective packaging.
  4. Make sure to distribute the toner by rocking the cartridge back and forth prior to the installation.
  5. Slide the toner cartridge all the way inside the Lexmark Optra device.
  6. Ensure that the cartridge is secured before you close the upper front door.

Frequently Asked Questions

I tried printing after installing the remanufactured cartridge into the Lexmark Optra T610, but all I got was a blank page. Why is that so?

If you've got a blank page even with a new toner cartridge, chances are the packaging material that came with your new cartridge is still intact. Try removing the cartridge from the printer and remove the packaging material, if necessary, before you reinstall it.

I'm interested in your Lexmark 12A5845 Remanufactured Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge. Will you ship it free to my continental US address?

Yes, definitely! All orders $30 or up and shipping to the continental US are shipped for FREE.

What is the shelf life of your remanufactured Lexmark toner cartridge?

The shelf life of our remanufactured Lexmark toner cartridge is 24 to 36 months.