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Boost your productivity with the Lexmark T656DNE. Considered as the first mono A4 single-function printer, the T656DNE comes with a powerful 600 MHz processor and 256 MB standard memory, offering you faster print speeds of up to 53 ppm. It also features a large color touch screen and integrated duplex. Don't let an empty Lexmark toner cartridge take the fun out of using this machine. Here at Inkjets, you can get the Lexmark T650H11A Compatible Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge at an amazingly low price so you can resume printing in no time. If you've got a larger print job coming up, then the Lexmark T654X11A Compatible Black Extra High-Yield Toner Cartridge is the better option for you. Check out our compatible toner cartridges here now!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replacing the toner cartridge on the Lexmark T656DNE is fast and simple. Just follow the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Ensure that the upper front door, multipurpose feeder door and top front cover is open to access the toner cartridges.
  2. Remove the old toner cartridge from the T656DNE. Carefully dispose of it.
  3. Pull out every packaging material used to protect the new cartridge.
  4. Place the toner cartridge into the Lexmark machine. Secure it by pushing it forward until it locks into place.
  5. Close the upper front door and the multipurpose feeder door.
  6. Turn on the power of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting faint prints. Does this mean I need to order a new Lexmark T656DNE toner cartridge soon?

Yes. Faint prints often indicate a low toner level. Ordering a new toner cartridge is highly encouraged to avoid printing delays.

I just installed the new toner cartridge into the T656DNE, but I got a blank print when I tried printing. What to do?

If you got a blank print even with a new cartridge installed, then check the cartridge for proper installation. Remove it and reinstall it properly.

Can I get free shipping to the non-continental US?

No. Our FREE shipping applies only on orders $30 and above and shipping to the continental US.