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The Pitney Bowes DM100i helps you spend less time and money on your mailing expenses. Its fast print speed and built in scale help you print your mail with ease. Track your packages and manage costs confidently with its delivery confirmation system.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Raise the top cover of your Pitney Bowes DM100I. Your machine will then display "Top Cover Open" on its screen.
  2. Choose the option replace ink tank. The screen will then display "moving ink tank to replacement position."
  3. Wait the tank to stop moving.
  4. Unlatch the empty cartridge's lid. Then, flip it open.
  5. Grab the cartridge and lift upwards.
  6. Properly discard the expended cartridge.
  7. Remove the new tank from its container. Then, take out its protective tab found underneath.
  8. Lower the new tank into the slot. Push the cartridge in to secure in place.
  9. Lower the cover until it is closed.