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Increase your productivity with the Pitney Bowes DM200L. This franking machine can print postage on 40 letters per minute and can track postage expenses for up to 50 accounts. It also comes with a semi-automated letter feed, so you can perform other tasks while it prints the postage. It supports 3" x 5" to 13" x 15" media sizes and 3/8" maximum media thickness. Save money on replacement Pitney Bowes DM200L ink cartridge. Here at Inkjets, we offer low-priced but high-quality Pitney Bowes 793-5 Compatible Fluorescent Red Ink Cartridge with a standard 12-month warranty. Add this to your cart today and submit your order before 3:00 PM PST (regular business day) to take advantage of our same-day shipping.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

By following these simple steps, you will be able to replace the ink cartridge on the Pitney Bowes DM200L:

  1. Check if the top cover of your printer is open, and then select the “Replace Ink Tank” option.
  2. Open the guard latch, and then lift the empty ink cartridge straight out of the DM200L.
  3. Open the protective bag for the new ink cartridge. Then, remove the cartridge.
  4. Align the cartridge with the tracks inside the holder. Press it down firmly until you're sure that the cartridge is correctly installed.
  5. After the installation, close the ink cartridge guard latch.
  6. Close the top cover and enjoy printing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I replace the Pitney Bowes DM200L ink cartridge only when it's completely out of ink?

No. You should not let the ink level get too low before you replace the ink cartridge inside the Pitney Bowes DM200L because it will no longer print. So, we recommend you always keep an extra cartridge on hand and install it once the ink level becomes low.

What is a compatible Pitney Bowes ink cartridge?

A compatible Pitney Bowes ink cartridge is a brand-new cartridge that's manufactured by a third-manufacturer like Inkjets. It works just as good as the OEM because it's designed following strict OEM standards.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged once your order has been successfully placed with us.