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What most users love about the Pitney Bowes DM225 is its small footprint, quiet operation, and robust features that helps boost productivity. It measures only 9.7"H x 13.6"W x 15.8"D and weighs only 16lbs. It offers a maximum print speed of up to 45 letters per minute and comes with semi-automatic letter feed for unattended printing. Get more savings with our Compatible Pitney Bowes 793-5 Fluorescent Red Ink Cartridge! It costs up to 70% less than the genuine cartridge but offers the same efficient performance. It is backed by a full-year, money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replace the ink cartridge on the Pitney Bowes DM225 with this easy guide:

  1. First, open the top cover and select the “Replace Ink Tank” option to access the ink cartridges. Afterwards, open the ink cartridge guard latch.
  2. Take the old ink cartridge out of the DM225. Recycle it according to your local regulations.
  3. Lift the replacement cartridge out of its protective bag. Save the box for future use.
  4. Put the ink cartridge into the machine. Push it forward until it locks into place.
  5. Close the ink cartridge guard latch followed by the top cover and you're all set!

Frequently Asked Questions

I already got a replacement Pitney Bowes DM225 ink cartridge. Can I cancel my order?

Yes, if the item is not yet out for shipping. To cancel your order, please contact our customer service department at 1-972-200-3813 or email us at

What are your shipping options?

Inkjets offers multiple shipping options via USPS and UPS. These include standard USPS ground, UPS 3-day, UPS 2-day, and UPS Overnight.

How much is the shipping fee for orders below $30?

Shipping fee varies. If your order is below $30 and shipping to the continental US, the shipping fee is $3.95. But if it is shipping to the non-continental US, the shipping fee is $24.95.